Moving from old to new laptop

Sorry if I’m being dim. I’ve looked but can’t find the answer to my question.

I’ve had a to buy a new laptop and have copied my music collection onto the new device, I’ve also downloaded and installed the latest version of Prime Engine on the new laptop

My question is, as I have used Engine Prime to organise my music files into folders on my Prime 4 if I just do a direct copy of the music files I will loose all of this organisation.

Assuming I have the files on the same location on the new laptop as they were on the old is it just a simple case of moving the backup file into the new software on the new laptop and if so where is the backup file?

I’ve looked in all the folders in the directory where Prime engine is loaded and can find nothing that looks as though it maybe a backup file. Is there a separate backup file and if so where might it be located?

My other thought is to connect the new laptop to the Prime 4 and then sync from the Prime 4 back to the laptop and then create a new backup in engine prime on the new laptop.

As I still have my old laptop and the files are still intact I can do something new if my thoughts are wrong.

Windows or mac? If in windows, copy your music folders to the exact same folder in new laptop; copy engine prime folder in c:\users\Your user\engine to the new computer; Start engine prime, it will retain all your organization. I’ve done it a few times already

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Same with Mac - I have my files on an external drive and I’ve copied that drive to at least 3 different drives now and each time the new drive works exactly like it’s the original.

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Hi rcatelli This is basically what I did and as you say it worked perfectly after I had posted my request.

Thank you for confirming however that I had done the right thing.

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