Movement or Positions?

Hey Guys, I’ve got a little problem with some movements. Due to have no direct control for movement speed, I can’t figure out, to realize it.

The Beam should be doing a 90 degree downwards movement while chase turning the light on during the movement. Then the next moving beam should do the same movment and the chase should be on this one. This should continue until the row is complete. Final setup will be 4 to 6 beams and same amount on the opposite side of the room. The beams will be facing their partner on the other side of the room, in generally this is a awesome looking scene.

My problem: I tried to solve this via Up and Down position and doing the movement between them. There seems to be no option to control movement speed this way and depending BPM or link control the result is slow as ■■■■ or not able to handle the movement. Doing it via starting position Up and applying vertical movement doesn’t hit the chase and movement and speed seem to be uncontrollable.

And another question: How can I edit size and movement speed of a already placed movement?

Thank you. Any hint how I can solve my problem?

Please reach out to support for further assistance.