Move music + cuepoints from USB to main Engine Prime library

Hi All,

On my Windows 10 pc i have a folder with all my music. I did a reinstall of my pc and before i started the reinstall i made a full backup of the music directory, which was located on my desktop. After reinstall i placed the music folder back on the desktop and reimported the music. Since i have the same folder structure in my main music folder as i have crates in Engine prime it’s very easy to put all music back into Engine Prime. Unfortunately i forgot to backup the library database file of my Engine Prime software meaning all cue points, set loops, etc are gone at this moment, damn…

Before i did the reinstall i also made a copy from within Engine Prime to a USB stick which contains all music and all cue points. This USB stick can be inserted into the SC5000 players and all music and cue points are there. This means the cue point info etc is available but only on the USB stick.

Is there a way to copy all music (and/or) cuepoints from the prepared USB stick back into Engine Prime so i do not have to put all cue points back into Engine Prime?

Hoping somebody can help.

I had a similar issue 2.3.1 where I synched my music from PC to USB, then created sets on my player, synched back to the PC, but when you remove the USB stick from the PC the tracks and set folder weren’t there. This meant having to copy the set by searching for each track and setting the cue points again, very frustrating doing the work twice to keep a backup.

By accident, I found that if you create a folder in Engine DJ, in the location where it appears on the USB on your player, with the exact same name, all the tracks from your set with beat grid alterations and cue points, appear in the folder you just created. Sounds like a bug to me as you shouldn’t have to do this extra step to backup, but for anyone with the same issue until it’s fixed, this will save you hrs of work.

Can you describe the process step by step ?

Many folks have been looking for a way to import playlists created in the players to desktop

Hi Mufasa,

Sure, can do. It’s pretty much as I described but here it is step by step:

  1. Export tunes to build set with from Engine DJ to USB drive
  2. Put the USB in whichever Denon player you have. (I tried on SC5000M and Prime Go)
  3. Create a new playlist folder on the player and write down the name exactly including capital letters and spaces etc.
  4. Build your set from tunes you exported to the USB drive and place them in your new playlist folder on the player.
  5. Open Engine DJ on your PC
  6. Eject the USB drive from your player, and put it in your PC
  7. If available, sync your tunes back to Engine DJ / PC (note that this isn’t always available in sync manager, but this still works even if you can’t)
  8. Check that you see your new playlist folder in the export from PC list in sync manager, it should be there.
  9. Eject the USB drive from PC, but leave the USB stick in the USB slot.
  10. Go to the main playlist viewer and navigate to where the folder would have been, you will see that the new folder has vanished from the main list.
  11. Add a new playlist folder where the new one should have been, and name it exactly the same as the one you wrote down from the player copy.
  12. Hey presto, all the tunes you put in the folder will appear.

I’ve tested this a few times now and it seems to work every time on my gear. The only variable is whether you see the import tracks button appear or not in the sync manager dialog.

Hope this helps


Ive tried several times, i cant get this to work for me. Gutted.