Move loop question: move a 16-bar loop by just 1 bar (forward or backward), is it possible?

I have searched for this question but didn’t find it in this forum nor anywhere. Not even in the User manual.

If I create a loop of a certain length (let’s say, 16-bar loop), I can move the loop the same length backward or forward, by clicking shift while turning the auto-loop knob. However, if I want to move the 16-bar loop by just 1 bar (backward or forward), I don’t know how to do it. I think it’s not possible?

Btw, I work with quantize enabled.

Any help would be much appreciated

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This is a good question @ElTitoFranki, thank you for asking. You can only set an auto-loop of any size (1/32 bar - 64 bars) and move said loop back/forward the same bar amount as you looped. To clarify, if you set an 8 bar loop you can then move it forward or backward, but it will move 8 bars because that is what you have set as the loop duration.


Thanks for your answer @Nekoro_DenonDJ. It would be very nice to be able to move loops in this way, I use it a lot. Is there any place where I can ask for this feature as a feature request?

Btw, I am very happy with the SC5000 players.


We see your request @ElTitoFranki and we’ll relay it our team, thanks again for your input!

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Nekoro, I’m new to the forum also maybe you can point me in the right direction. But I’d love to submit a feature request that would allow a user. to move loop of any size by a chosen amount. Moreover, when moving the loop, the track would remain playing in that loop, rather than continue playing in a sqeqnetial timeline until the new loop in point is reached This is a feature that Traktor users currently enjoy. It enables a particular style of Mixing popular with many DJ’s. . See here for a good example,.

Hi @MoJoe, welcome to the forum.

See here:

Thanks Reese. So, if I’m following correctly, it hasn’t been solved? also, there is this other issue which is interconnected

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Not solved, it is still a request. And yes, we try to avoid double requests, but they still slip through…

One deals with moving a loop with another value than loop-size. The other is the loop move with seamless audio.

I’ll close this topic. Go ahead and add/like to the other topics.