Move engine database from PC to Mac

I know it’s been discussed many times before… but as long as it didn’t affect me personally, I never really paid attention…

I have my database on an SSD in the SC6000. So far I plug the SC6000 via USB to my PC and open the engine software to access it (before that I put the SC6000 in “computer mode” of course).

Now I want a MacBook to replace my PC. As far as I remember correctly, I now have a problem, right?

No if Your music will stay where it is. I would do a backup of the data base files of the SC6000. Then make a SYNC to the Engine dj from SC6000. All should be imported to the data base as it was.

The problem can be when You start moving the files. If the file path will stay the same for the data base, there should be no problems.

Hm, you mean because the database is in fact on the SC6000 and not on the computer?

(On my computer there is also a database but it is completely empty. It is always created automatically during the installation of Engine).

Exactly. This gives the oportunity to restore all in a good way.

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