Motorized platter & keylock

Hello everyone,

I just switched from CDJ 2000 nexus to denon sc6000m. On the CDJs when I activated the master tempo and used the edge of the jog plate to speed up or slow down the music I didn’t hear any tone variations. On the sc6000m, even with the keylock activatedWhen I speed up or slow down the music by using the edge of the platter like a turntable I hear a tone variation on the music.

I noticed however that when the motor is inactive there is no tone variations when bending with the edge of the platter

Is there a function to activate or a way to make it work without tone variations, just like on a CDJ, with the motor and the keylock activated?

If not, could it be possible to add an option to keep the keylock for the nudge with the motor activated in a future update.

This would allow to combine the vinyl feel and the power of the timestretch like when using a vinyl turntable on a DVS software like serato or virtual dj with a vinyl turntable and make inaudible nudge.


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What Engine OS version do you have?

There are people who want Pitch Lock (Time n Stretch in Serato) inactive when they scratch.

Eg platter movement maybe interpreted as scratch, so keylock/timestretch deactivates.

I’m on latest firmware 1.6.0

an option enable/desable keylock bending on motorized mode in user preference would be great

Or for scratchers in the case of the scratch in motorized mode it would be enough to simply disable the keylock to have natural vinyl sound

I use the pitch bend buttons when on the 5000/6000M

Start a feature request

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Just encountered this as well–this feature would be amazing!

Did you ever find a solution to this or start a feature request? Experienced the same issue and wondering if a feature request was already submitted before I start one myself