More zoom range on waveform?

Hey all, does anyone know if there are any ways to zoom out further from the waveform in order to see more of it? I find it somewhat annoying I need to keep looking at each track panel to spot upcoming cues or song breaks and would be way way WAY easier if I could simply zoom the waveform out further.

I recently came to Denon from a Hercules controller and their software DJUICED literally lets you see 3-4 sentences worth of bars on screen at once (Il be it on a laptop) and it literally eliminated the need for me too look a the track panels. Made free mixing and general life much easier.

I don’t know if this is just a me thing that ill get use too but is there any chance this could be a future software update? or at least a work around at the moment? Cause even the PC engine OS software has a quarter of the zoom out ability of DJUICED and I’m no programmer but it seems like something so small to change that could make such a huge difference, no?

Anyways let me know what you all think and if anyone has advice to help. Thanks!

Are you asking how to zoom out the moving waveform or you know how to zoom out but you are unhappy with the amount of zoom out you can get?

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I know how to zoom, I am unhappy with the amount of zoom range.

Its not a complete deal breaker for me, but its something I found very helpful and generally calming to be able to see cue points / song breaks coming from a mile away on the wave. I never though that with all of the bells and whistles the Prime 4 has, it would flop on its face regarding the zoom function compared to my cheaper 400$ setup, witch lets me view almost a quarter of an average song on screen at once (il be it on laptop), but even on a bigger pc screen the software zoom out is almost nothing.

I think this feature request would also help with your problem:

As is the case with most user complaints, we already have a feature request so add your vote for more zoom here:

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