More Options in Tidal

Have been using Tidal and it’s great! Lots of fun!

For the experience to be better, I think it would be cool to be able to mark as favorite :heart: a song that you just discovered and maybe haven’t marked before on your phone or PC.

Also, being able to add a song to a playlist or create playlists on the go, would be great!

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Tidal does have an option to create playlist on-the-go either through the phone app or from a computer. I use Tidal with Serato and the playlist I create on-the-go appears on serato the next time I open Serato.


Sorry if I didn’t explain myself that well. I was referring to being able to create a playlist on-the-go will using the prime 4 alone.

Just using the prime 4 screen and having the option to “drag” or mark a new song that you just looked up during your mix or maybe because someone recommended it.

Yes that would be awesome. It is a current option in Serato. Also in Serato, I’m able to view my Tidal play history and drag it into a new “Crate” (i.e. playlist). Hopefully it’s something that Denon or Tidal may implement.

Now I’m suddenly wanting to use Serato again… :sob:

That’s exactly what I’m thinking about! Would be great to just drag songs from play history into playlists or crates with the prime 4 alone. Hope they can sort it out!

I totally agree on this! I would love a way to add songs to a playlist while interacting with Tidal on the Prime 4.

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do you know if this has been requested as a feature?