Monitor / Speakers - What are you using?

Just setting up in the Bedroom with my Prime 4 and rediscovering DJ’ing / Music after a few years away. Shopping for Speakers to use as Monitors (realistically the only output i’ll ever have). Any recommendations?

Krk Rokit 5s sound great, smallish size and not overly expensive.

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KRK Rokits here too, with a KRK sub.

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KRK Rockit 6s and sub here too

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I use Mackie HR624, the are more geared towards studio monitors than DJ monitors but i dont play them loud enough to notice.

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KRK 5’s with a 10 inch sub. Love the sound.

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Denon DJ SM50’s and a LAB 12 Sub.

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Depending on how heavy you want the bass, the KRK5’s with a sub or the KRK6’s without one are good options imho. There are a few more brands that have decent monitors for a good price.

That said, if your goal is to listen to music and you don’t plan on doing any kind of production, going for (DJ) monitors is not a necessity. You can opt for a pair of (used) 6-10" active PA speakers (often easy to mount or set on a pair of stands and far less critical of the “triangle” setup that monitor speakers typically need.

Depending on your budget you could look for one of those systems that pairs a small sub with two array-style tops. The tops don’t look too much “in your face” and the sound level is more than plenty for any practicing room. The added bonus is that you can easily toss them in your car when you want to do a pool, house or garden party at a friends place or even - who knows - a small paid gig in the future.

Here’s an example: The tops pack into the sub, so when you travel the sub is all you take (plus stands and cables).

Just my 3 cents worth


Syrincs M3-220!!! what a set. great value for money. i have them now for 12 years and they are awesome. better than the monitor speakers in the club

@IanS This is a very “budget dependent” question.

I am using a pair of KRK Rokit 8s and am very happy with them; before that, I was using a couple of old school, large home stereo speakers connected to an old Denon or Yamaha receiver/amp.

One advice I will give you is to consider if you will be using your speakers for parties in the house; I personally never pump full volume in to my monitors. The odd time I would have so many people over that I would need bigger sound, I would just rent a couple of speakers for no more than $30 (Canadian) which I am ok with (vs blowing up my monitors). Some might disagree but I don’t think these monitors are built to handle full blast for a few hours.



The speakers @DJ_Vintage posted a link to is what I rent for my own house parties and love them and agree with his opinion of them too :+1:

I would not advise using PA speakers for home listening though, as typically they use compression drivers for the high end, which have a reputation for sounding harsh.

The Proels in the link don’t have compression drivers.

100% true. Do NOT use your monitors at parties. a) they are not meant for long-term, high-power output, b) they are not tuned for PA use, c) cones are -usually- unprotected and that means people will want to put their fingers on them.

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Thanks for confirming my man; always look forward to good advice from you.


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Thanks folks for all the input - I’m caught between these now (I’m trying to avoid having a subwoofer if i can)

Yamaha HS7’s (ideally the 5’s but i don’t think they would be bass’y’ enough for me Pioneer SDJ50X Krk 5’s / 7’s

Budget is no more than 400 (pounds / dollars)

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I’m using KRK RP6 G3’s, and I’m more than happy with them. I’ve also got an Alto TS212 sub next to my setup that I use to beef things up a bit when having mix sessions with friends. The KRK’s don’t really need the sub for home studio use, but it’s nice to have the option to get some deeper low end when required.


KRK Rokit 5, the sound is very great

Comparing the low end of the HS5s with the KRK Rokit 5s, it’s 54Hz vs 43Hz. Now OK there’s no -/+ dB stated but there’s a good chance the KRKs go lower. The HS7s say 43Hz.

I’d say if you want “industry standard” go for KRK. You can see from the replies here how popular they are.

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Genuine thanks for the input folks - Rokit 5’s ordered.

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Bit late to the party here! Yamaha HS7 with no sub. Been more than happy with these for the last few years. Don’t need a sub and at half volume they pack enough punch for my house parties.

If the Rokit 5’s don’t really satisfy, try the Focal 50 Alpha’s, 5", bi-amp real nice flat(neutral) sound, allows good sound/tone control, good sweetspot, if however you hook-em up to your P4, don’t use the master…cause they will blow you away :grin:…lean and mean I’m using the booth output for my monitors. As you would in session to by the way…