Mojaxx NAMM wrap up

So, just finished watching Mojaxx wrap up from NAMM. Seems InMusic had some team members there and he was shown some upcoming hardware that will be released later this year and beyond.

Obviously we’ve pretty much seen one of them tonight but wonder what else they have in mind :eyes:

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Adding video for those who want to :eyes:


Ah, and there is our beloved Pulse at 2:10min.

Anyway, good and nice summary by Mojaxx.

Lets see what the engineers have up in their sleeves. Hopefully the MPC Keys 37 was inMusic’s last recycled product based on that RK3288 w. 2GB of RAM, - it‘s 2024 and really time to move on, especially with complex challenges like Stems, more than 8 plugin tracks on the AKAIs, faster analyzing, track buffering and device boot times, more I/O bandwidth and USB-C, maybe integrated light/video/dvs/ai stuff, etc.

The RK3530 and 3566 seem to lack an audio-specialized variant, but they Should be more than fast enough, they can address more RAM (up to 8GB) and eMMC (32/64/128GB). Put these or similar puppies into a Force 2 or Prime X, and boom, big L for Pulse and AT.

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Add to that waveforms that don’t stutter :sob:. Small issue; I know. :kissing_heart:

Which one Stu, I’ve obviously missed something.

Check my other thread Revan, ive linked to Mojaxx insta post… I think Phil from DDJT has posted a Youtube short of it too:)

I really wish a Prime Go mk2 for this year, just adding a few things such as 2 Usb inputs instead of 1, USB C charging port and Bluetooth capabilities could be a killer unit for mobile DJs. A DMX connector could be amazing too, but I doubt that would happen because it’d kill the Soundswitch dongle

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This has always been in my wish list too. The micro dongles are cheap so could build one in each unit and the potential revenue from SoundSwitch would probably offset it.


The “original” is such a powerful little machine, but I agree that a few changes here and there could unleash a big potential :blush:

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There’s so many little tweaks I’d add (or refine) to it.

Mine travelled the world for two and a half years and it’s been amazing but there’s one or two things that would make it absolutely perfect.

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Do we need a Mini next?


Oh yeah, great way to discourage drivers from looking at their screens whilst driving - fit a bigger screen. :joy: