MK3 6000 in the near future?

Mk2 has been out for a while. Anyone wanna guess when or if Denon will be coming out with a new controller with the same size and feature set? maybe a usb/engine version?

I think we are all hoping for one… I absolutely love my pair of 6000MK2’s and they are my preferred controllers for mobile events. I’d love to see an MK3 or a 6500 in the same physical size with some updated bells and whistles.

Count me in for this update, love the size and portability of the 6000

While it would make sense, it would also make me a bit sad since I just got the mk2.

One of the few controllers that are this size and rack mountable. I would give it a 8/10 so far. The mic gain is still an issue and having to purchase rack ears separate still bugs me. The 6000 had them included. I sold the 6000 before buying the MK2 and should have kept the rack ears.

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I have 18 or so controllers at this point from small to large, and my go to is still my 6000MK2. (I have three of them!)

I was able to get around the mic issue by using an attenuator, which lowers the db signal by -20 through -40, which helps considerably! ($15.00 and I have one on each channel since I use two mics.)

A MK3 or a 6500 would be king here! :slight_smile:

I don’t see this as a “issue” with mic gain on the MC6000: it is just designed that way so that owners of lower quality, higher impedance mics can still use them without the need for a pre/amp. Denon DJ should have better comunicated that to the users, or even supply a pad attenuator with the unit if you insist on placing the blame. But really, Shure/Senn/AKG mics cost $$$ and it’s such a problem to get a 10-15$ attenuator?

I really wish Denon would come out with a MK3 that combines the best aspects of the 6000 (versatilly, size, outputs) with the best aspects of the 4000 (simplicity, bigger platters, ease of use). I have the 6000 mk2 AND a 7000. I love both of them, but sometimes I just need the smaller size of the 6000. Do it DENON! Take my money! :slight_smile:

As the first post in this “6000 mk3” thread is 2.5 years old, I think the chances of a rack mount sized version of the prime 4 will appear anytime soon.

Maybe a 2 channel version of the Prime 4 will come out but I can’t see that being much smaller or cheaper than a prime 4.

Why wouldn’t a Prime 2 be smaller? Well measure two channel faders, Gain, eq knobs, cue button etc on a prime 4 and multiply by two. That’s how much smaller it could be. Unless they chop off the huge spaces given to effects and mic controls - but that’s not making it narrower, that’s making it shallower

Why wouldn’t it be much cheaper? Well the prime 4 already has less processing power than 3 separate prime units - and unlike some tiny thermo-intermodula pish posh number that only robots hear, people ARE noticing the lack of processing power in prime 4 compared to Prime separates. So I don’t think they could reduce the processing components to cheaper ones. A smaller screen wouldn’t save much either