MIXXX Dj software for DENON

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I would like to know your opinion on the following topic MIXXX + DENON

I have seen that engine prime has been created using QT as well as MIXXX, it would be an advantage for denon to use the latter since much of the work has already been done, secondly they would have a community working for them as they say and third and I believe that more important total independence of seratoque still does not support the 5000m today and not to mention Prime4, of course MIXXX would also be benificiaria since it would automatically pass to support all the hardware of one of the leading manufacturers of Dj equipment boosting the development of MIXXX, in fourth place, a drop in prices for the end user (assuming that the cost of serato licenses is reduced from the price of hardware) and fifth support for all platforms, including Linux, in order to save costs and we all we would qualify, what do you think?

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I would agree with this if Mixxx wasn’t so touch and go. After testing the latest version on multiple systems between both windows 10 and Ubuntu, Mixxx just isn’t a stable DVS solution for the mass market at this time.

Yeah, I don’t think it is wise from a marketing perspective to link high(est) end DJ gear (i.e. Prime Series and MCX8000) with software that doesn’t make the top 5 (being nice here).

One could make the case that Mixvibes Cross would have been a good candidate too (having been the developers of RekordBox up to and including version 3). Development of Cross seemed to have halted for a couple of years, so nobody would have been to shocked if it came out rebranded as Engine NEO Prime. But after years of radio silence, Mixvibes have finally announced version 4. So we’ll see what happens there.

Perhaps Denon should just buy Serato and be done with it :smiley:

Mixxxx was very dreadful a year gone.

It have the usual dj software fail of the screen display space is waste by onscreen pretend only hardware deck and hardware mixer leave then small space for other song library info

Also mixxx is laptop and prime is no laptop


Recall that MIXXX have no support from any manufacturer (at least that I know) and is made by enthusiastic people in their free time (an extremely small team in my opinion) let’s add to this that the hardware they can try is limited as they depend of the betatester since it would be impossible for them to test all the equipment in the market (with the support of a manufacturer like in music that has several brands esot exchange) it is true that today you have your mistakes but with inmusic behind the change would be great, besides if I remember correctly is expandable through plugings which is already a great advantage, remember that big companies have done great things starting with free software (most likely that the phone you have now is one of those things) you just have to know which have potential and take advantage of the opportune moment


Hey, not ditching on MIXXX. And I am a firm believer that anybody should work with whatever tools he/she feels comfortable with.

That said, MIXXX (like Mixvibes Cross btw) failed to impress enough people to become one of the leaders of the pack, even at the price tag of free.

I get your enthusiasm and you never know. Your suggestion might be picked up and EP2 might have a MIXXX engine under the hood.

in fact MIXXX did not convince me when I tried to use it (perhaps usual custion) but what if it is clear to me that the engine is missing a lot, lately it is going from bad to worse and who has made more progress lately say what they say is VirtualDJ and the Rekorbox, virtual it seems that it is not what interests denon and there are not supported equipments (although they manage to add more hardware every time) and the other is discarded for obvious reasons, serato at this height without support for the 5000M and not to mention prime 4, is why I think we need a solution already, it occurred to me that there may be others that do not know, maybe even denon surprises us with an engineDj when prime 4 is already a reality in the market

@ DJ_Vintage the purchase of serato could be a solution (although I prefer to buy virtualdj, do not tell this secret :wink:jejeje) the latter in video devastates with others and the future we like it or not is the video that only put tracks will happen sooner than later


I am about to do a thorough test of Mixvibes Cross 4 (which has had video integration since forever). Will let you know what comes from that.

It has Midi learn implemented in a way (they say) that makes it easy to map any hardware. Clearly that wouldn’t utilize the screens on a Prime Series but might be just what the doctor ordered for any other controller.

Good luck!