Mixstream pro screen freeze and shutdown

Numark Mixstream pro running on engine 3.0 os now as was previously running 2.4 os and updated because of screen freeze and random shutdown mid track. unfortunately still having same issue on the new update. Music source via usb while doing a set for aprox 40mins into it the standalone controller froze and after aprox 3 seconds of been unresponsive it shuts down and restarts this has happened a few times in the past week with the new software update and it was happening on the old software. I have reinstalled OS software onto the hardware and issue still happening even when I changed music source from usb to SD card Also different genres and playlists, also tried disconnecting from WiFi while doing set and still shutdown. I know the Denon mxc8000 does screen freeze if not running on 100% screen brightness so I have tried changing the brightest to maximum also and still having the problem… anyone else with similar issues?

I suspect therefore it’s not the firmware.

Is it just one track that freezes, or all tracks from a certain album, all tracks in a certain folder or playlist? Watch out for any filenames, tags or folder/playlist names with accented characters in them and edit those out to ordinary letters eg: â ê î o û ß ñ ç etc

No it happens on different music sources whether usb stick external hard drive , SD card , Dropbox . Different genres different tracks

While recording ?

No just mixing