Mixstream Pro Go+ latency between onboard speakers and headphones

When I mix with the Midstream Pro Go+, using the onboard speakers and normal analogue headphones, I get a mix in sync between the speakers and the headphones but when I fade the new track into the mix or listen to both decks with the cue mix the new one is always a tiny bit late and needs a slight nudge forward to get in sync again. Does anyone else have this problem ever? I’m not sure if it’s a hardware problem or just the natural latency of the sound going from the speakers to my head or something.

My workaround is just before I bring in a track ill listen to both on the cue and make sure theyre synced

I don’t know, but using stereo external studio monitors is a few times better than build in speakers. And also if you set 3 band EQ to isolate mode, you can mute/solo Low (Kicks, Sub, Deep Bass) or Mid (Sound, melody, Mid bass) and Treble (Hi-Hats, rides, cymbals) as well, depending of your external speakers quality and power. I don’t recommend use onboard speakers anyways.

thanks for the advice, yeah I will try my monitors. Isolate mode!? I didnt know it could do that!