Mixstream Pro - bulk analyse songs directly on the device

Is there a way how to bulk-analyse tracks directly on the device without having to analyse them on the Engine desktop SW? So if a DJ comes and plugs in a Rekordbox USB stick, is it possible to run the analyses on all tracks? I discovered that I can do it manually by loading one track immediately after another to a deck, it runs the analyses in the background. For 170 tracks it took approx 12 mins and everything finished OK, it is just a bit daunting task to do it one by one, it would be great to be able to do this on a folder or playlist. Maybe I am missing something, but I haven’t found a way how to do this. Thanks

I think there’s already a request for this, which you can vote for.

I’m not sure whether the processing power of the primes is matched on the Mixstream, but it’s still worth adding one of your ten forum votes to the bulk processing request as the function, if added to primes, might be transferable to the mixstream too.

Could you please point me to the request? I am having trouble locating it in the forum. I only found one similar request, but it is an old request, not possible to vote for it. BTW I am not sure if old (closed) requests are closed because they were implemented or because they were rejected.

My mistake, it’s under “batch analysis of entire drive” rather than “Bulk…. “

It’s here -:


But with only just over a dozen votes and I suspect vicious processing overheads, I doubt that it’s feasible, without the prime running “crippled” until the process has completed eg, the Prime might have to disable a layer, of fx or streaming or certain other features while it’s chugging through the batch analysis.