Mixstream Pro "Add ons" Dropbox, Tidal, Soundcloud. All not working

I can’t get any of the free offers to redeem from my account.
TIDAL: this offer is no longer valid.
DROPBOX: This code cannot be applied.
Soundcloud: Nowhere to put the code, link just goes to the sign up page.


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Isn’t there a caveat that you can’t have had an account or trial with these before.

I had a 2 month trial on my Go, so will now need to use a different email and set up a new account to use the one on my Mixstream. I haven’t tried any offers yet, but may activate on or two over the weekend to see.

I wil let you know if I have any issues

I can confirm that Tidal didn’t work for me last night. Same as above, code has expired?

Hey @SS-FF @Chazzman - Apologies for the late reply here. In regards to Tidal, we are working with them to fix this and should be able to give you access to this feature soon!

In regards to all of the other services, they are working as they should. For SoundCloud GO+. SoundCloud Go+ is for new subscribers only and Dropbox is for new and existing. Perhaps for Dropbox you weren’t signed in on your computer? At any rate, let me know if you’ve resolved these issues and or need further attention. Happy to help!

Thanks Anthony_DDJ. I am not a prolific streamer (yet), was helping to trouble shoot the issue. I have not yet had time to try the other services, but certainly looking forward to doing so.

Mainly purchased the Mixstream Pro as a perfect combo of features that I needed from the the standalone Prime Go and the slightly bigger, more conventional layout of a standard controller (eg Numark Mixtrack)

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Hey all - We’ve sorted this out with Tidal and all should be working now. Feel free to try again using the same code.

If you do run into any issues, feel free to DM me and I’ll be happy to help.