Mixer x1800 and x1850 USB connection to android smartphone for live streaming

Hello to the Denon Team, I ask you some information it would be possible to implement an options on the mixer for the selection of the output channel in order to manage the default recording perifica on android. I often connect my smartphone to do live streaming on platforms like TIKTOK that do not use apps on a pc and therefore I am forced to connect an additional usb sound card with a recording channel just to make it work. A real shame not being able to connect the mixer since being multichannel android by default it uses CH1 to acquire the audio while the mixer with the latest updates alone the Broadcast mode selection. I believe that for the developer to sign the operation is very simple and would be very useful on all prime devices given the spread. This could be another good reason not to choose competitors! Greetings DJ Antonio

Doesn’t the Broadcast mode in latest X1850 firmware do exactly this? At least on computer connection it changes the master out to come out of ch1+2 so in theory it should work also on mobile. The reason why it was implemented was that similar problems appeared also on OBS and other streaming SW.

Couldn’t find my USB adapter so I can’t confirm this. I will test this though!

it only works on huawey on xiaomi no, i put ufo 202 sound card

I tried this with my Samsung S20 and even though the mixer was recognized as a sound card, I was not able to record any videos with USB audio. Recording just does not start. And the phone started heating up, so I gave up.

I did just get a new version of Android to my phone, so I’ll have to try this again someday.