Mixed in key intergration into engine dj

any chance or hope that mixed in key integration is coming to engine desktop anytime soon

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Wrong place to ask i’m afraid, it’s down to the MIK developers and i asked approximately 2 years ago and was met by silence from them.

You will have to register on their facebook page in order to try and engage with them but i wouldn’t hold my breath.

I use MIK then import to Serato then import to Engine, it’s a bit clumsy but it works.

See this post.


Do you have MIK? If not, it’s well worth buying it.

If you do, use the feedback submission page of the app to pass this info along. I’ve had some back and forth with them about ensuring MIK is compatible with Dropbox. They’re aware of the Denon players having Dropbox integration, and if Pioneer ever adds Dropbox support, they’ll have to get that compatibility rolling pretty quickly.

Anyway, the point is that the guys behind MIK mentioned they have Denon SCx000’s and prefer them, according to what I was told.

It sounds like we can’t rely on the Engine DJ/OS algorithm at all. Is it really that bad compared to MIK ? If so, maybe we should try to convince Denon DJ to improve it.


I don’t know who this was intended for but i’ll answer.

Yes i have MIK and have owned it for the past 6 years i think, which would have been around the time i got my Traktor S4 Mk III.

The Denon range of players have been on the market for what 5, almost 6 years and still there is no ‘full’ MIK integration, so either there is something stopping them from adding or there is no passion for them to add, makes no sense, surely they would want to increase their user base and therefore profits.

@Aquadics this was from a user on Reddit, clearly out of date now seeing as it’s from 2020, however, considering that Engine was ranked ahead of Serato and Virtual DJ even then wasn’t too bad, as far as i’m aware this test was never updated.

[edit] actually the informtion was updated in 2022 which puts Engine right up there 8)


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if MIKs developers are taking backhanders from “another equipment manufacturer” simply NOT to start any plans for Engine integration

I just let each software analyse the music then mix with it. I’ve never compared but then I’ve also never really felt there have been any issues with any of them… if and when I’m using keys as a guide to mix it always works pretty well, but then that’s all I ever use keys as, a basic guide on some mixes.


@Pasha i think that’s a bit too TV, any business wants to grow, and although we have no sales figures for Denon DJ equipment i would be surprised if it does not amount to 6 figures.

@STU-C being a bedroom guy, i mix what i like, might not be to others aural pleasures but i don’t really do it for props or money, but i fully understand the need for DJ’s and producers [who can’t detect key by ear :wink: to use the software, but you know, it’s quick and easy, and you get bonus cue points set which are ‘mostly’ accurate, at least for me.


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My post was directed to you. I’m still figuring out the quoting system in the forum.

What exactly do you mean “full integration”? Do you mean MIK licensing their analysis engine to Denon?

If Denon licensed MIK’s software, that would increase costs a good bit, and that additional cost to gain 10% more accuracy might not be worth it.


Sorry, i should have been a bit more descriptive there.

Currently MIK will embed ‘Key tags’ into your tracks which Engine will be able to read, however, it cannot export ‘cue points’ which can be read in Engine, hopefully i got that right.

Hence why i use Serato to import cue points to Engine once i have processed them through MIK, bit of a hack i guess but unless the development team actually support Engine then that’s the only way i know how to do it.

InMusic don’t need to license MIK engine in my book, looking at the stats from the’Key detection comparison’ from 2022, Engine is doing a bloody good job, and considering how young Engine is compared to some of the competition that’s pretty strong.


Thanks for the update! Yes we’re starting to get a lot of requests for better Denon support. I have Denon players myself and find them to be far superior to Pioneer which I had used up until recently.

The above is from Andy, who has been responding to my emails back and forth about improvements to MIK that could be useful. The point is that they’re sympathetic to Denon devices and Engine OS.

Anyway, I’m here because I’m using Serato with an X1850 and a pair of LC6000’s, and haven’t really used Engine yet. I’m still sort of on the fence about getting an SC6000 or even two (doing 4-deck mixing & layering with Serato currently).

That said, I have no idea how the cue points work in Engine, but I do know that MIK’s auto cue point detection is pretty awful… at least for my usage. I turned off exporting of cue points from MIK because I was having to delete 6 or 7 cue points in Serato anyway. At least it usually got the first cue point right. LOL

PMSL :joy:

You can’t deny that.

Some of a certain brands “incentives” to hinder competition are quite well known

I get it, but i prefer not to buy into all that stuff.

Plus, InMusic/Denon are way bigger than MIK, i would suggest if anyone was looking to get into bed with someone it would be MIK fluffing up the duvet :wink:

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