Mixed in Key intergration cue points - key

Many DJ’s are using Mixed in Key, aka MIK, and I’m looking into the options in relationship with Engine Prime.

MIK can determine the key of the song, the energy level and is able to create up to 8 cue points.

From the MIK notes I learned that the key can be imported into Serato, Traktor and Rekordbox, is it also posible to import the MIK key field into Engine or will engine overwrite it with it’s own determined key.

2: Serato and Traktor can “import”/use the created cue points from MIK, Rekordbox can’t import these or maybe better said Pioneer doesn’t allow this. Would like to know if Engine Prime can import the cue points created by MIK or are there plans to do this?

I know that it is better to create your own cue points but I have a bunch of crates with 100’s songs I have yet to set cue points for, if MIK can set these then at least I have something which is better then nothing and later on I still can imprve the qualitiy of these cue when I touch such a song.

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