Mixcloud live

Hello, has anyone tried this yet?, my stream is extremely laggy (using my Twitch settings in OBS), lowered the stream output but issue still persist, thanks in advance.

Mixcloud said it’s beta and it acted like beta for me. I had lots of buffering and lost frames. My stream was unwatchable. After 25 minutes, I quit and switch over to Facebook Live. I used the same settings and the broadcast was perfect.

Hopefully they’ll get it right.

Everyone might get better results when the covid lockdown is over. With everyone keen to show the world their DJ “skills”, their messy bedrooms, terrible wallpaper, vinyl turntables rumbling on wooden shelves, Beer balancing on mixers, clothes drying on radiators, half eaten sandwiches on laptops, insides of their garages etc at the moment, streaming bandwidth is strangled.

Or it might just be mixcloud lol