Mix recorder - why distorted? (Solved)

robj4y Oct 09, 2014 10:07 pm

hi guys ive got my mc6000 all set up cool , but no matter if i use it with pc or laptop the mix recordings are distorted . ive tried everything for weeks its pretty much the only thing i cant sort and im fed up recording via record outs to DAT lol . its not computer specs cos they are i7/16gb/quad core 3.6ghz/updated/optimised etc . im running 2 straight traktor decks no other samples or remixes , and 2 x1210 on the four channels on mc6000. where am i failing so badly ?

this is my settings on mc6000 via usb cable into computer:

channel max [but at at 0db on level] gain 12 oclock levels 1/2 way on traktor screen all levels look clean n green

rear mc6000 settings : pc mix mode - internal mix output source - record out / mic

on the mix recorder tab in traktor i have source - external ext input A

this is the same on win7 desktop and laptop , and same with diff versions of traktor 2.5 / 2.6 etc . im just doing something fundamentally wrnog :wink: must be on traktor routing which im not 100% i know what im doing exactly i do find it quite complicated but i persevered and set it up myself with trial and error so i have put the hours in to solving things myself but have to admit defeat on this one .

bounced recordings sound really distorted , poss even a bit squashed on bit rates , its a digital distortion . hope someone might know what the f ive got so wrong :wink:

thanks in advance rob

robj4y Oct 10, 2014 7:34 pm

for the moment i have kind of solved my problem . i will continue to test this weekend before i confirm solved / change title , but it looks like it was a faulty usb/printer main cable . it was a 10m one and ive fitted a 1m one today and relocated laptop . tonite i went for another 30 minute fault finding mission and its now tested and working flawlessly . so ill dig out the old cable again , retest , ad dpost back the solution next week . but for now try a shorter or different cable if you are having massive digital distortion at any level . cant stop grinning , of its caused me week of agro :wink:

DJ_Boothe Oct 11, 2014 6:08 am

I’m surprised that you got anything at all with a 10metre cable. USB data signaling usually drops out of sync with lengths over 5 metres, unless the cable uses a booster (sometimes powered by the USB standard 5 volt supply.

The good rule of thumb, with any cable is, the shorter the better… As well as keeping power cables away from audio and data cables.

robj4y Oct 11, 2014 11:43 am

sorry telling a slight porky it was 5m . but bearing in mind what you said and now its working can someone mark this SOLVED ? excellent hope it helps someone else in the future . cheers guys