Missing Waveform overview Denon Prime 4

Missing wave form overview on prime 4 internal ssd, this has been synced with engine DJ desktop and you can see that they are showing there, all tracks have been analysed. Tracks play and waveform of playing track appears, this is affecting most but not all of my tracks.


Hey did you ever find a solution to this? I just picked up a Prime 4 and am having the same issue.

This issue is happening to nearly all of my tracks.

Try to re-analyse

Tried to re-analyse, sent across to Prime 4 via sync manager still the same

Try reanalysing the Prime4 ssd library. If that doesn’t work then Prime4 ssd probably needs a formatting

Already tried all of that Mufasa, you should not have to continuely reformat a drive, Denon need to actually investigate the issue

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i have the same issue on my SC5000s

I am having this same issue on both my SC5000M and my Prime GO.

Did anyone get this fixed. I’m having the same issue on my Prime 4!!

I ended up switching to 128GB USB 3.1 drives instead of the 256GB microSD cards, and I reverted to 2.1.2 firmware and that seemed to eliminate the issue.