Missing tracks and empty playlists after upgrading to 2.0

My Prime4 and my Prime Go both were in Engine Prime version 1.6.1 My entire music library is located on a 1TB SSD inside the prime 4 and I also have a copy of this Database (ver 1.6.1) on a 1TB SD Card for my Prime Go. This morning I decided to migrate my Prime 4 to Firmware 2.0 . Once the upgrade finished, it started to convert/upgrade the database to the new version 2. This conversion took around 3-4min to complete. Upon completion, I went to my playlists (crates and playlists in the past) in standalone mode and found that my library was incomplete. All playlists are now missing several tracks and a big number of them are completely empty - I would say 80% of them. I put the Prime 4 in computer mode and opened the new Engine DJ and got the same issue (missing tracks and empty playlists). I opened the prime 4 SSD from my mac (with finder) and I saw the old database files as well as the music folder at the root of the disk and also there is a new folder named “Database2” which in my understanding contains the new/converted database. Since I was able to see that my music was still there in the SSD, as well as the old database, I decided to open the old Engine Prime 1.6.1 and to my surprise all my playlists and crates were perfectly there. So I decided no to upgrade the Prime GO yet but I did one last tes:. I took the SDD out of the Prime 4 and connected it to my Prime Go (still in version 1.6.1) and I was able to see all my tracks/crates and playlists. I put the SSD back to the Prime 4 and again, tracks are missing and playlist are empty. Conversion of the database from version 1.6.1 to 2.0 is not reading or transferring all the records from the old database to the new one. As of now, I can’t use either the prime 4 or the Engine DJ app since neither them are capable of showing my entire library. Any suggestion ?

Hi I have the same troubel. I did iimport all folders and tracks again. That a â– â– â– â–  update folks.

I would do the following;

  • Restore from backup to the version of your Database BEFORE you did any work with 2.0
  • Install the Engine DJ Software on your PC
  • Run the upgrade via the PC

See if you get the same issues.

Thank you for your help, following your recommendation, this is what I have done so far… no luck yet:

  1. Prime 4 in computer mode, I went to Finder (mac) and erased the Database2 folder from the SSD and from my mac (Music/Engine Library)
  2. Using Engine 1.6.1 restored a backup from last Sunday even though under 1.6.1 I was able to see all my crates and playlists.
  3. Opened Engine DJ 2.0 and it started the upgrade of the Database… it took less than 30 sec and then I got this message: “Database Corrupt you will be able to see your tracks and playlist but you will lose all your loops, cue points and beat grids.” I clicked ok, and it started to re-analyze 7000 tracks only (half of my library size).
  4. it finishes, and same issue… incomplete playlists and missing a huge amount of tracks.
  5. I went back to Engine Prime 1.6.1 and all my tracks/crates/playlists are there.
  6. I ran a disk check (first aid - Mac) and it says the SSD in ok,

So, old database is in good shape but upgrade is not transferring all the information to the new one (2.0). Since Firmware 2.0 can’t read all my tracks and playlists then I can’t use the prime 4 for my gigs unless I recreate everything from scratch, like creating a new 2.0 database and manually move every single create/playlist/track from the old engine to the new one… I don’t even have an idea how I can achieve this…

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UPDATE Ok guys, it has been a very busy day here so I haven’t had the time for brainstorming this issue, but I got back and tried a few things and I think I found a workaround for at least having all the crates and their tracks working in Engine DJ 2.0

This is the procedure:

  1. grab an empty (clean) external hard disk or usb drive (large enough for holding your entire library) and connect it to you mac/pc
  2. put your Prime 4 in computer mode (connected to your mac/pc) so your computer can access your library from the internal hard drive
  3. open Engine prime 1.6.1 and go to SYNC Manager
  4. In Sync Manager 1.6.1 select your empty Hard Drive as a destination at the top of the right column and select all your crates from the left column. Then click Export to Drive. This will copy all your crates and tracks in them into the new hard drive.
  5. Once it finishes close Sync Manager and Engine Prime 1.6.1
  6. Safely eject your Denon Prime 4 Disk from your computer and leave the new hard drive connected.
  7. Open Engine DJ 2.0 and it will start converting the old database in your new hard drive to version 2.0. Wait until in finishes and then it will start to re-analyze some or all of your tracks.
  8. Once it finishes you will have an external hard drive with your entire library in version 2.0. Check that all your creates and tracks are shown in Engine DJ 2.0
  9. Close Engine DJ 2.0
  10. now go back to your Prime 4 and once again, put it into computer mode (connected to your computer)
  11. Using Finder (Mac) erase the entire internal SSD disk by either deleting all files or using Disk Utility and re-formatting the disk (it is up to you)
  12. open Engine DJ 2.0 and go to SYNC MANAGER
  13. Select your Prime 4 Internal SSD as your Destination Drive (right column) and select all your Playlists from the left panel (remember in Engine DJ 2.0 crates and playlists are now just playlists) and hit “Export to Drive”. This will transfer all your playlists (already in version 2.0) to your Prime 4 internal SSD.
  14. Wait until it finishes, close Engine 2.0 and safely eject both disks (The prime 4 internal SSD and the external hard drive)
  15. boot your Prime 4 in standalone mode and check all your playlists and tracks.

Now your Prime 4 has your entire library in version 2.0 and you have a copy of it on the external Hard Drive as well.

The downside is that it only rescues the crates and their content but Playlist in version 1.6.1 are not transferred even having selected them from the beginning, and saved loops, cue points and beat grids do not show but I think this is another issue reported in this Forum: even those that successfully upgraded to version 2.0 are having issue with the cue points, loops an so on.

One extra recommendation: Backup your entire Denon Prime 4 Internal SSD (Databases and Music Folder in version 1.6.1) before erasing it in step 11. You can easily back it up by either copying its entire content and paste it into another external drive or by using a cloning app like CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner).