Missing track display wave

has anyone had their track wave suddenly disappear on the screen and you cant get it back other than load a new track, it happens to me on the sc5000m normally when switching layers, the wave info on the screen completely disappears but the track still plays?? also i noticed on my laptop just now that it happened on Prime Engine, no usb or any thing else connected, just EP and the laptop. and while im here can anyone tell me how to manually correct a wrongly analysed track, yes i can change the BPM in the grid edit but it doesn’t actually change the BPM to the correct original timing?

all my problems with this gear seem to be related to EP

I have never seen the waveform disappear on my 5000’s.

  • What format is your music file? How large is the track?

  • Does the track have art work?

  • Is it happening with the same tracks only?

  • Can you replicate it or does it happen randomly?

  • Has this happened on more than one player or always on the same player?

  • When your waveform goes missing, is it on the player that has the music drive plugged in to it or is it the link (grabbing song over ethernet)?

These answers should help the Denon guys when assisting you I would think.

As for your wrong BPM issue…This has been a pain when it happens. Currently, the only way you can fix this is to alter the BPM in Engine Prime. You can’t do it from the players.

What I do is I will analyze my track in Traktor and then I will take that BPM and input it in to Engine Prime for that track. This way when I take that track back to my deck, it will have the correct BPM. I don’t use “tap” in EP because it is impossible to get an accurate BPM with it unlike Traktor where you can tap to the beat 4 times and 9 out of 10 times you already have the right BPM.

It’s my understanding that this issue has been acknowledged by Denon and they are working on it.