Miss the key information after the analysis by Engine 1.5.2

What am I doing wrong? I have created a library and have the tracks (AIFF) analyzed. The BPMs are captured cleanly but nothing else. In particular, the key is not shown for any track, neither in the overview nor in the file info. Am desperate … Many thanks for your help in advance

Are you talking about what metadata is visible in the library view of the software or what is visible on the hardware?

Hi SlayForMoney I’m talking about the software view

Not sure if relevant but is there a difference between AIF and AIFF files? Is one compatible and the other not?

I don’t know for sure but if yours are one type, try converting to the other then re-analyse

I have tried the previous time … without success … and: it’s getting weirder and weirder …

All these files are official bought and downloaded from Traxsource & Beatport. All files I have … :frowning:

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To be sure:

Your opening post stated AIFF, but in the last post above they are MP3?

Are the file extensions named wrong?

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no … No …Nooo … :smiley: Sorry for confusing!!! The mp3 pic was to show you that I have several problems with different file types. AIFF are neatly imported neatly anaylated. However, only on tempo.

  • No key (thought that it is analyzed, or is it given via tag?)
  • No import from Artist
  • No import from Title
  • No Genre
  • No further info is loaded from the AIFF

and additionally Enigne doesn’t load MP3 files either

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Could it be that version of engine doesn’t fully support that file type?

The hardware you’re using is quite old and the version of Engine also.

You’re definitely having a weird issue here that shouldn’t happen and you are using similar tracks to my own. It’s baffling.

I’d suggest sharing a file so we can try at our end but technically that’s not allowed.

I literally have 0 knowledge of the old Engine for these devices, so can’t really help. There are others who do know; hoping some more could chime in.

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My Q5 is 2015 and the GF’s TT is 2018 and neither of those accept AIFF or FLAC files when playing media, which is a good indicator of how well integrated those file types are…. IIRC a lot of the CDJs don’t accept them either.

Denon SC2900: SC2900

Engine 1.5.2 Engine 152

every Pioneer CDJ and every Windows computer is able to read aiff since 2000. AIFF is the “*.wav of Mac”- mean the standard audio format on Apple since '90 (Source: AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format))

But … I think I have found the error …: the sc2900 is not able to filter the key of engine prepared USB sticks … Only Title, Genre, BPM Artist & Album … I guess none of them from Engine DJ V1.5.2 supported Hardware is able to … :cry: :cry: :cry:

Doesn’t matter, you can connect them with ethernet with your laptop and use Engine on the laptop to do the filtering and load the tracks from there to the players.

Problem is why the tag data is not showing up in Engine. Can you send us one of those aiff files to check the metadata? In what program are you editing the metadata?

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Lol. And let’s not forget that the SC2900s were released in 2012, so are over a decade old - 11 years old old old in June. It’s not going to be long before they’re going to need replacing. If it were me, I’d swap them out for Primes now and bypass all this tags issue on a decade old player.

Ok, if it’s only home use then the tags and the age and feature-set of the hardware isn’t all that important, but if there are paid gigs in the offing then it’s time to go Prime

As I’ve now just read the flippant comment about how other gear has been able to read x file formats perfectly since y, it sort of makes me disinclined to pursue this.

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Quite the opposite except you are referring to CDJ1000

Yes my apologies, I was confusing FLAC support, I knew the CDJ-2000 didn’t support some of my own files from using them, just got mixed up with which.

Hi Slay … you’re right … thats the question. I’m not editing the data! The tracks are untouched as they come from Traxsource or Beatport. I don’t know how legal it would be to send such a track. Engine 2.3 reads them correctly and with all contents. I also used MP3Tag for a short time and all tags are displayed here as well. Give me some more time, maybe I can find a way to send you a sample … MP3Tag (same track as shown above):

And STU-C: It was not intentional that my post about the file types and the devices was “flippant” to read like Pasha wrote it. I would like to apologize for that!

Ok, this is what I wanted to check. You have players from 2012 that have last firmware from 2016…17 the latest.

Your tracks have ID3v2.4 tags. I would check if that is the problem, maybe try converting some tags to a different version in mp3tag.

Hi Slay … I do have the problems with the software. Since the players are not yet in the game … meanwhile I tried to get the ID3 tag version of which I could imagine that current versions (ID3v2.x) are not compatible with Engine. However, I have not yet found an AIFF track that has ID3v1 tags. hmpf …