Minimising the source folder window once in a playlist

Hey there.

Not sure if this is a feature requrest or not. Anyone know if in browse mode there is a way to minimise the folder selection window once you are in a playlist? (Denon SC5000/6000)

Issue is that the folder tree currently takes up 30% of the screen real estate. The actual playlist info gets squished into the other 2/3rds. It is almost bearable on the SC6000 however on due to the smaller screen on the SC5000 heaps of metadata gets left out.

You should be able to do this once in any kind of folder. Dedicate most of the the screen to the tracks in that folder, upper file trees etc should be accessible from the small left hand touch selector or the back button.



This is one of the most popular features asked for, which you can find here and vote on.

I think the development team certainly have this on their roadmap :smile:


Nice one, thanks. Have voted in favour.

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