Midicontroller for Engine Lightning on Prime Engine Hardware

SoundSwitch Lightning:

The basic idea is already very good. Still, I can’t really use Lightning yet.

I need my Prime 4 display to hang up and don’t want to change the strobe, statics, dimmer or other light settings. I would therefore appreciate it if you could connect a Native Instruments Machine Jam, Akai APC 40 or Ableton Push to the Prime and use it to control the respective light sequences.

Alternatively, since Liam from Soundswitch already said that this is not possible (probably because of the different operating systems), Denon could build a Lightning mixer especially for Soundswitch as hardware. With which you can then use all the necessary controls in a compact design.

Your 4 new topics have no value as possible ideas, as they need to be made as an official request in the corresponding forum section.

Read up the topic below, check if there’s a similar request to vote on and, if not, use the template given to create a new one!


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