MIDI Controlling Engine Lighting Basic without a Computer

Is it possible to MIDI control Engine Lighting Basic with a third party MIDI controller or can it only be controlled with a Control One? Or does Control One only work with Engine Lighting Pro and Soundswitch?

It’s a pain having to jump into a different menu while mixing. External triggers would be nice :slight_smile:

Yes. A long time ago I had paired an old MIDI DJ console (Hercules) and was able to control Soundswitch with it.

EDIT: Wait a minute, maybe there’s a little confusion. If you are referring to ENGINE LIGHTING it is the software that runs on Engine OS. Instead, if you are talking about the Soundswitch software that works on a computer (Windows or MAC), then you can do the MIDI mapping and what I wrote above is valid. You cannot combine a midi console with hardware running Engine OS. Made myself clear?

It would be cool if we could add a MIDI controller to the hardware like an SP-1 or Akai LDP8 to control Engine Lighting. For now it’s just the Control One. I’ve not got the Control One so I’m not sure if it can run the basic version.

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