Midi CLock IN

Hi, I am a new user of X1850 mixer. Is there any way to send midi clock from software (ableton, traktor…) to X1850 mixer?

Very thanks.

No. Not on the x1850 or the x1800. What is even more confusing is that the previous generation of mixers did had that function so why they omited is baffling.

I can only assume they only had Serato in mind that doesn’t use midi bpm so it just never came on the checklist of features, especially since Pioneer mixers never had it.

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Very thanks for your response. I had X1600 mixer and it has this function. It is really usefull.

Although my x600 is not class compliant for audio, receiving midi clock and mapping still works.

I also believe this to be a curious omission as this was a denon feature that I was used to using.

X600 is usb class compliant but Apple broke something way back in ios9 or 10 and ever since all older denon mixers don’t work.

In windows you can use their interfaces with generic drivers as a proof.

What if Apple fixed something?

I would agree with you if the class compliant stuff I accumulated before getting the x600 still works up until this day and even works with iPad. But it doesn’t so questions must be asked. Show me on the Denon website where it says the x600 is class compliant :smirk:

This again. 12 characters

We are talking about Apple aren’t we? I’m happy for all Windows users.

But if some thing is actually class compliant with Apple then there would be nothing to discuss right?

I gave you an example as proof for usb class compliancy.

If you want proof that it has a mac/ios class compliant interface let me remind you that it was released in 2010(?) with mac os version 10.6 and worked without needing firmware updates until mac os 10.11. So 5 different mac os version.

Pretty good for a non-class compliant interface, eh?/S

Now, I do feel ya, inMusic is a shitty company that could have at least paid for that one el capitan firmware update but…it is what it is. For Apple, class compliant means :poop: and there is no reason to pretend it’s anything else. The list of audio interfaces that has stopped working or had issues with new ios/macos version is a mile long.

It’s not working a class compliant device therefore it is not. That’s the proof.

I have an audio 8 dj which is not class compliant which hasn’t received and driver updates since it’s eol a very long time ago and is still working up until big sur. Actually it is what I was plugging in to my x600 since I wasn’t able to use the mixer’s sound card.