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Hello. After updating the console with firmware 1.5.1, the led of MIC 1 started flashing for no reason. Flashes without any microphone connected, flashes with the microphone connected, flashes with the ON key on, with the ON key off, with or without volume, with or without any cable connected (MASTER and power supply), flashes with TALKOVER enabled and disabled . With the old firmware it never flashed. An intermittent and continuous flash. But anyway the console works, the songs are selected and started normally and if I were to connect a microphone to the MIC 1 input, despite the flashing, the same microphone works correctly. I thought and hoped that with the 1.5.2 update I would fix it, but this problem remains. And this flashing is done only by the led of MIC 1. The led of MIC 2 remains off and in any case it also works correctly. Has it happened to anyone else? Thank you and good evening.

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Not saying it is, not saying it ain’t.

I sent the x1800 with mic1 led flashing to be repaired.

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but apart from the annoyance of seeing the LED flash, can there be other problems? because the console still works and I don’t want to send it to assistance …

I’d send it in now, while covid lockdown is preventing any DJs taking any legit worthwhile bookings. Right how. It doesn’t matter if it’s away for a few weeks - not like you’ve only got a week before your next booking.?

The LEDs gotta be getting power from somewhere to flicker. That power could be coming from a faulted led driver chip or from some inaudible mass of power getting into the area of the mic pcb. Stray power could do anything later on… like blow some outputs or send nasty DC into your connected gear.

At least at the moment it’s all under warranty and the fault is easy to observe and describe.


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