Microphone goes but how can you hear yourself

… my question is … how do I get it that I can hear myself on headphones with the Mirofon?

Home internet radio “broadcasting” ?

i Have Oddcast of Endcorder

@DjKevCue it’s not possible (yet) to hear the microphone signal on the headphones directly. It’s only routed to the main master outputs (and booth outputs if set to on in Utility).

There are feature request made (for Prime4). You can like that original request.

…and it’s surely possible to hear the master in your headphones, as there’s a mix control for blending cue & master.

I just don’t understand that right now … when i mix … i know i won’t hear it … when i do radio just plug my headphones into the out?

Correct, but that is a different audio routing. Microphone is not included in this routing (yet). What you hear on your headphone is the master mix before the addition of microphone signals.

  1. Master mix (without mic) (sent to phones, sent to master out).
  2. Master outputs = master mix + microphones

(User guide states: Important: The audio signals from the microphones are routed directly to the Master Outputs.)

Same applies currently with the Zone Out on Prime 4. Microphone is also not included there, while it should be according to the manual. This will be fixed in the future.

Although I also would like to see it otherwise (especially when working with in-ears) I hope I have given some inside on how it’s currently working

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