Microphone echo effect

Hi everybody, Excuse me for my english.I plan to buy a Prime 2 and I need to know if it’s posssible to apply some efects on the microphones like ,echo,reverb etc.I see in a comparison review Prime 2 vs 4 , that P4 have a dedicated button for echo but for Prime 2 I didn’t see something similar,you know about a soft possibility or other solution? Tks for your support.

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Frankly I don’t think there is an option to add FX to your mics on the P2 (like there is on the P4). That said, even on the P4 it’s relatively limited in that you have only the standard reverb/echo with few options for tweaking it. It’s fine if the best man wants to sing a song for the bride and groom and you want to save him from sounding too bad, but it’s no substitute - imho - for a serious FX option.

So, if you really need one or two mics with more options, you might consider adding a small mixer (you can have a look a the document I added to this post: PRIME 4 TO Streamlabs OBS) to your setup.

I guess it’s a “what do I really need” vs “what am I willing to do to achieve it” situation where you hold the only right answer.

There are of course several dedicated fx units that you could add between your mic and the mic input on the P2, but I think those will always be less flexible and more expensive than the added mixer option for example.

Thank you for your comment,for me the P2 it’s an upgrade from analogue mixer + laptop and microphone wireless receiver and this echo/reverb additional option could be helpful.In our country not especially at wedding events but for some normal parties it’s a fact that some of the guests want to sing some notorious songs for funny and these effects are a must in such as situations.I have to stay for the moment to analyse and take the proper decision.Thank your again for your support.

You are welcome. I would seriously consider pairing the P2 with the Yamaha AG06, giving you per mic multiband parametric EQ, compression and a choice of reverbs with the option of using phantom-powered mics. It’s a small unit that can easily sit next to your P2. With the addition of a foot pedal you can even punch in/out the FX.