Mic throught the headphones?

Hello. Can you tell me how to hear the microphone through the head phones ? I had read that they had fixed this issue with a firmware update before I went out and bought the unit.


Hello @Pjmcb123 Welcome to the forum. What software version do You have?

The very latest just updated it 1.6.0

That was probably for the standalone Denon mixers (X1800/1850), not the Prime Go, 2 or 4.

As far as I’m aware, it’s not fixed. I’m still running my master output back into channel 4 of my Prime 4, so I can listen on cue with the fader down.

A DJ I know who has a Go bought a little headphone switcher box online, and he feeds his output into one side of that (with the normal headphone signal going to the other side) so he can switch between them manually.

Fixing this should be priority for Denon IMO.

thank you so much no it was definitely the prime go i read about but at least i know its not me and i am not going crazy now cant believe they haven’t sorted it i would of thought it would be a very easy fix their end as it already records the mic internally on my sd card what makes it worst is there is no proper clipping indicator which you could use instead if you couldn’t here the mic in the headphones i know there is a littlie light next to the mic knob but it is not good enough to compensate visually for not hearing the mic thanks again

Sometimes things get published without the writer checking the facts, or assuming that a fix for A also applies to B etc.

Where was the article?

it was a recent video about the a new firm ware update for the prime go on youtube i read it in the sub - text below saying that since the video was made that the new fimware had now fixed the problem

I agree it should be fixed but like posted above, I bought a switcher from Amazon, it was approx £20 and it allows me to hear the mic in my headphones.

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Thank you Ste I will have a look at them

@Pjmcb123 if you search Nobsound Little Bear MC102 on Amazon you will find the switcher I use. It costs approx £25.

I plug one channel of the MC102 unit into the headphone out from the prime go and the other channel is connected to the headphone out from my sound card (I use an iRig stream or Behringer UCA202). I then connect my headphones to the MC102 unit and this way I can hear the master output in my headphones.

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Brilliant Ste. Thank you .

This will also do the same job

No it won’t. Completely different. :astonished:

I see Little bear also do a little box for adding 2 band equaliser and reverb to mic inputs. That might be good for Prime Go too.



can you please show us in images how you did this because i cannot work out how you did it. thanks


@daveceerocker here is a pic of how I route the cables. Headphone out from the irig into input A on the splitter. Headphone out from the go into input B on the splitter. Headphones plugged into the headphone out on the splitter.

Thanks Ste. I do use an irig, I use a prime4. Can this sti be done?

@daveceerocker i don’t see why it wouldn’t? I didn’t show in the pic but I connect the master out from the prime go into the input on the irig. You could do exactly the same with the prime 4.

So I would use an output straight in to the box to bipass the irig?

@daveceerocker if you have a Prime 4 then you don’t need the switch box.

What you need to do is feed the master output back into a spare channel. I use channel four. Switch the channel to line in, then listen via the cue for that channel.