Mic output question

djquanson 19 Aug 2013 01:15

i run a wireless setup using the booth out. and the selector set at master out. when i speak on the mic there is no output at all but music does play. only the main output has signal from mic. i would think its this way because since its a booth output and if one is using this output as a monitor you wouldnt want feedback.

DJ_Boothe 19 Aug 2013 07:52

This is a superb feature of many of Denons DJ mixers…

Near the other mic controls on the top left of the 6000, there’s a button called “Post”.

With “Post” selected, your mic signal will go out of -All- of the outputs of the MC6000 (rec out, booth out, master out, balanced/unbalanced etc)

With “Post” Unselected then the mic is routed as you have it now.

This is great for “second room” audio in large venues as sometimes all areas -Do- need to hear all the mic announcements like “The bride and grooms first dance is in 10 minutes time in the main function room, please make your way there now” (Post On) whereas other announcements… About how great specific people are(nt) dancing etc, wont mean a thing to any other rooms/areas. (Post off)

djquanson 20 Aug 2013 00:53

thanks very much