MCX8000 Won't read EnginePrime USB correcly

Hi all, So I am imported in EnginePrime my Serato crates. From there, I have a USB stick (FAT32) where I created new Crates and Playlists. Once I am done, when I plug the USB stick in the MCX8000, it shows the name of my USB Stick and the following hierarchy: ALL, Crate, Playlist, History, Folder. The only working option is FOLDER. I thought right out of the menu I could hit Crate or Playlist?

In order to see the music in the USB Stick, I have to go under Folder / Engin Library /Music, and I see all the folder with songs in them.

Anyone has a trick on how to fix this, so I can directly go under Playlist for example?

Thank you.

You’re going to kick yourself when you see this but… If you go into settings an enable Export MCX8000 (or MCX8000 compatibility, can’t remember what it’s actually called) then in the drives panel at the bottom, you’ll see a button called “Export to MCX8000”. You need to press that then let the export job run.

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It did the trick, thank you. This is not explained in the online manual :confused: