MCX8000 V2.0 Release

Today I’m excited to announce, we have launched MCX8000 v2.0 and Engine Prime 1.2.1 to support it.

We would like to again extend our sincere gratitude to the hundreds of dedicated users who joined the beta test program. We have been humbled by the amazing response from you. We are thrilled so many of you took part in and helped shape the V2 firmware. We have included as many of users requests as possible in this update and are confident that users will be thrilled with the update.

New MCX8000 V2


  • Added support for Engine Prime prepared USB drives
  • Added Beat Grid support for Engine Prime prepared USB drives
  • Added Beat Grid slide feature via SLIDE button
  • Added Quantize feature via ADJUST button
  • Added Quantize options 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1-beat and off for setting/triggering hotcues and loops
  • Added Beat Sync feature
  • Added pitch range lock (soft takeover) to prevent drastic pitch jumps when moving the pitch fader at large pitch
  • percentage ranges
  • Improved Slicer quantization, triggering accuracy, and drifting when in sync mode
  • Improved Needle Drop accuracy
  • Added 12 o’clock platter LED reset for cues
  • Added BPM sorting when browsing songs through BPM Filter
  • Expanded support for sorted folder names from 32 to 64 characters
  • Extended display time for letter popup when using first letter search
  • Removed preview stutter when using needle drop
  • Changed the “Default Auto Loop Beat” setting name to “Default Auto Loop Size”
  • Changed “Auto Cue Level” to “Track Start Position”. Tracks will now load to the Initial Cue position or Track Start
  • Fixed issue where was displayed for track name in crates & playlists with over 500 tracks
  • Fixed issue where the loop region would disable after performing a loop jump
  • Fixed issue where the loop was sometimes disabled after triggering the loop
  • Fixed reloop issue that caused audio drop if triggered when no loop had previously been set
  • Fixed issue where pitch fader was not reported in the SysEx initialization message
  • Fixed issue which prevented Slicer functionality directly after scratching
  • Fixed issue where continuous play stops after about 64 songs playback
  • Various additional bug fixes and stability improvements


  • Added Mic 1 attenuation control utility menu option (0dB to -20dB)
  • Added Mic 2 attenuation control utility menu option (0dB to -20dB)
  • Added ability to change USB Recording Level
  • Added ability to change Talk Over Level from (-10dB to -40dB)
  • Added Talk Over level utility menu option (-10dB to 0dB)
  • Added Talk Over resume type utility menu option (fast, normal)
  • Added Booth Receive mic signal utility menu option (on, off)

DOWNLOADS: Full final release notes and instructions are included inside the package.

MCX8000 V2.0


IMPORTANT: If you were a MCX8000 beta tester, please remove the “Engine Library” folder from both your USB drive and your desktop “Music” folder before installing Engine Prime 1.2.1.

Also, you must click “Export to MCX8000” in Engine Prime after moving your music to the USB otherwise the MCX8000 will not be able to read the database or files.

Thank you all again for all your passion and support.


Updated and I’m testing. Will run it for the rest of the night. Thx, it was a long wait!

Who else is more excited about Denon’s update than Apple’s event

Denon stealing Apple’s thunder :yum:


Hey @kradcliffe,

Did you export first? In order to use Engine Prime on the MCX you first must export the device collection for the MCX8000. You can see the full workflow in my video below. This differs from the initial beta testing experience but was necessary to retain navigation speeds. Let me know if you still have troubles.


No problem. Hope that resolves your issue.

The MCX8000 does not see your crates/playlists without properly exporting from Engine Prime first, so there is no operation for the Select Encoder to perform.

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Yes, all drives must be exported (converted) in order to be read on the MCX. It was best way forward for both the product and customer experience.

All beta testers are urged to start fresh by deleting the Engine Library folder on both their USB sticks and the Engine Library folder in the Music folder on the desktop. This will guarantee the best experience.

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Yes, it creates both an Engine Prime library and DENONDJ2 folder. As mentioned above the export was necessary to retain speed.

Both folders also give your USB drive the ability to be used on the MCX8000 and also newer Prime hardware such as the SC5000 or or SC5000M.

Waiting for this update for a year, my MCX8000 in some times doesn’t start the displays so i have to reset severals times before to start a gig. This firmware update fix that problem?

This is not true. The music only lives in one location. During the export process the music is moved into the DENONDJ2 folder structure.

Hey @Felpsanchez, sorry to hear that. Display freezing issues are not firmware related, however, we recently discovered hardware fixes to resolve this issue. Please contact the service center in your area.

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For sure! I wouldn’t have let that happen lol :wink:

Hi @JWiLL , I would have some questions to ask you and I would be grateful if you could answer me:

  1. Can you install the mcx 2.0 upgrade and have Engine 1.5? Or should Engine Prime be installed?

  2. Is it possible to install Prime on Mac Yosemite 10.10 or does it need to update the El Capitan 10.11 operating system?

  3. In the standalone, the decks do not synchronize perfectly? Let me explain better, I mean that only in standalone the decks go slightly out of time slowly and after 20-30 sec if not manually adjusted, the mix go wrong. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Ricky,

See my feedback below.

  1. Yes, MCX8000 firmware version 2.0 is still compatible with Engine 1.5.

  2. While Engine Prime may work on Yosemite, we only officially test, development and provide support for the last 3 versions of Mac OS (10.11, 10.12, and 10.13). Since its not a performance based software its worth giving it a shot to see if its working in your environment.

  3. If your music was studio recorded to a metronome and the beat grids were set accurately the music should hold together. If my previous statement is true and you notice drift, you may have to manually correct slightly or you can push the sync button again to pull the mix back together.

Hopefully I’ve answered your questions accurately. If not, let me know! :slight_smile:

Thanks @JWiLL of the previous answers. I noticed that by operating the “AUTO LOOP” function and playing with the ROLL button, the loop is canceled. Is this the correct operation in standalone?

I have updated MCX to version 2.0 for the moment it seems all right. The version of ENGINE PRIME 1.2.1 I can not install it in my YOSEMATE 10.10, unfortunately it requires updating to 10.11.

When I try to drag my serato crates over directly to the usb it only loads the first song in the crate. I tried to import my library through engine prime but then all my music isn’t sorted into crates. I only have the collection tab. Strangely enough Engine 1.5 had no problem drag and dropping my serato crates. Also strange that my Rekordbox usb playlists drag in just fine. I thought serato would be better optimized for this. Is there anything I can do to get serato working? My external hdd isnt fat 32 but that didnt seem to make a difference with engine 1.5.

Fantastic news!! I’ve been anxiously waiting for this. I have updated firmware & Engine Prime software, exported EP database to Engine 1.5 - so far things are working really nicely. Searching is quick, waveforms are no longer stuttering when browsing. This looks like a solid update. Well done & thank you Denon!!

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Some minor issues that I have noticed so far.

  1. Sometimes I can’t extend default loop size. Eg: press auto loop - 4 beat loop begins - pressing X2 does nothing - pressing beat jump either direction does nothing. If I press /2 loop divides by 2, then I can increase size to 4/8/16 etc…
  2. Sometimes beat jump doesn’t work. Self explanatory really - pressing the beat jump buttons ‘sometimes’ doesn’t work.

Other than that, it seems great!!

Strangely in beta I also had beatjump buttons not working. I’m sure I reported it but I’ll have to check.

Here it is.

It seems the 32 beat doesn’t work as there is a limitation to how much it holds in its buffer. I think removing the 32 beat jump option was best.

Could be memory limitations. I believe the Pioneer RX has the same limitation as well.