MCX8000 Traktor Pro 2 midi mapping Jog-LED's?

Hi all, I’m new the the forum. Bought my MCX8000 last week. I’m making a midi mapping, to run the MCX8000 with Traktor Pro 2 (my current controller is the Pioneer SX2, completely midi mapped to my user-preferences). I’m pretty far in the midi mapping. The thing I can’t get fixed are the Jog-LED’s. They all illuminate (and stay illuminated) but I can’t get them to rotate when the deck is playing. I’ve been trying to work something out with the midi settings, as mentioned on the bottom of the midi Command List, provided by Denon for the MCX8000, but I can’t get it to work. Can somebody help me with this issue? Witch midi OUT commands and settings must I use?

Friendly greetings, Kristof

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Hey Kristof, I’ve been testing a patch recently but honestly don’t remember if the leds were rotating. Would you like me to send you the procedure ?

Hi KristofSt, great to see someone working on a Traktor mapping for the MCX8000! If you could find it in your heart to share your mapping once you are done I would be very grateful. I got my MCX8000 a couple of months ago which has forced me to move to Serato after being a Traktor user for years. There are many things I prefer about Traktor but mostly I miss playing with Stems and Remix decks. Of course, I guess we can never get the screens to work with Traktor. Good luck with your mapping!


Hi sseroussi

By patch you mean a custom made midi mapping for TP2 (.tsi) ? I could give it a try and if the Jog-LED’s rotate with that mapping, I could dig in the mapping and find the commands (and it’s settings) that make the LED’s rotate. Can I send you a private message true the forum with my mail address ? (I’m new to the forum, you know :wink:)

Thx already! K

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Hi OscarD

If I get help from the forum, I would be glad to share my mapping once done (and I’m satisfied of it) with interested people of the forum. Sure. I can already tell you that my mapping will not be supporting Remix Decks. The mapping is being made for 4 Track-Deck use.

I am a mobile DJ for many years now (weddings, private party’s, …).

I am no remix DJ (short set gigs). So I have no need for the remix decks. Mostly I even only use 2 Decks. And no, as things look now (no collaboration between Denon and Traktor for the MCX8000) the screens will not work with Traktor.

Greetz Kristof

if you tell me I midi notes have I a know how to turn them! I try but I do not know if they are known or cc

Yes sure, please go [quote=“KristofSt, post:4, topic:1743, full:true”] Hi sseroussi

By patch you mean a custom made midi mapping for TP2 (.tsi) ? I could give it a try and if the Jog-LED’s rotate with that mapping, I could dig in the mapping and find the commands (and it’s settings) that make the LED’s rotate. Can I send you a private message true the forum with my mail address ? (I’m new to the forum, you know :wink:)

Thx already! K [/quote]

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Hello KristofSt, My mail is

Thanks Kristof. Understood. I have an NI F1 that I use for remix decks and stems, just looking for a good mapping for the two play decks. Also, there is guy with a mapping on the NI forum: I’ve tried it but the jog LEDs do not rotate. Maybe that will be helpful for you. Good luck and thanks!


Hmz, just got an answer in from Denon (official support). They say that unfortunately the jog LED’s are not compatible with third party software (as Traktor), so they can not be activated to rotate in a custom midi mapping.


I’m curious how Pioneer controller have it despite it being a custom midi mapping. At first I thought they added a mode where the controller itself illuminates LEDs based on platter movements but I see the LEDs “move” even when the platter is passive during deck playback so it cannot be that simple.

Another option would be that user custom midi maps are based on the official Pioneer mapping for Traktor and Pioneer paid NI for that feature…

Hi Kristof, Not a Traktor user here! So can’t confirm or help with Traktor.

However, I did manage to get a proper ‘walking led’ with my own midi map for DJ player pro (iOS). In the midi field called ‘beat position’ I inputted Note 6 (0 - 96) for all midi channels / decks.

Found 96 by guess : it’s the double amount of LEDs (48). Note 6 is from the midi implementation chart… If you like, you can see this in action here:

I have a closeup of it within 3 minutes of the set.

Also, for you Traktor guys, there’s at least 1 midi map over at the DJ tech tools website > maps.

Good luck!

Did you asked in the native Instrumente Traktor Forum ?

Would be nice if they would work for Traktor too :slight_smile:

I asked a guy on the NI (Traktor) forum who made a midi mapping for the MCX8000. But than the answer from Denon (official) came in … If the (hardware) manufacturer says it isn’t possible, I think there’s no need to waste more and longer time trying to get it working. I’ve been very busy at work last days, so hadn’t had the time to work on my midi mapping. Will be something for the forthcoming days. Still have to map some 1-button effects (effects that I use a lot) and than it’s ready … without the jog LED’s rotating, unfortunately.

It’s not impossible - i have it working with DJ Player Pro… :slight_smile::wink:

Probably impossible with Traktor software becuase it’s not on the user mappable list of midi commands.

Maybe have the leds timed with beatgrid? 1/48th notes for the number of led’s in the circle? I used to have a vestax vci 400 with a custom mapping in traktor 2 that allowed for a selection of 4 leds to blink in time with the beatgrid. IDK. i doubt its “impossible” to mod the thing to do anything. The LCDs work with VDJ and Serato, which is indicative of the unit having the capability of displaying what a computer tells it to. someone would just have to write a program that pulls the decks of traktor off the laptop, resizes and fits to mcx lcd. I predict this controller running 4 deck flawless with Traktor in full on Jesus mode in ~2 years once the electrical engineers figure out how the thing works.

Hi everyone After a few busy days (weeks) at work I finally found time to complete my personal Traktor Midi Mapping for my MCX8000 controller.

After stress-testing the MCX8000 in conjunction with the Traktor mapping at home, I played a 5 hour set in public last Saturday. All went well and no issue’s occurred. The mapping is made for my PERSONAL usage, for 2 or 4 Deck use (All Track Decks, NO remix decks, with 1-button-push effects)

In CUE mode: All PADS assigned to corresponding cue points

In ROLL mode: PAD1: Filter 92 LFO PAD2: Reverb T3 PAD3: Peak Filter RISE PAD4: Peak Filter FALL PAD5: Beatsmasher2 – Value 1 PAD6: Beatsmasher2 – Value 2 PAD7: Beatsmasher2 – Value 3 PAD8: Beatsmasher2 – Value 4

In SLICER mode: PAD1: Turntable Stop (short) PAD2: Gater 1 PAD3: Gater 2 PAD4: Gater 3 PAD5: Flanger 1 PAD6: Flanger 2 PAD7: Delay Freeze PAD8: Turntable Stop (long)

Hidden Featurs: SHIFT+AUTO LOOP = Activate upcoming LOOP

BEAT GRID = LOOP Recorder: ADJUST = Record SHIFT+ADJUST = Size SLIDE = Play/stop SHIFT+SLIDE = Delete SAMPLER VOLUME (rotary knob under ‘master level’ LED’s) = Dry/wet

UTILITY / VIEW (left from LCD screens) = Full Screen mode (toggle)

CRATES (under UTILITY) = Full BROWSER view (toggle)

SELECT/LOAD (Rotary knob on the right of both LCD screens) SELECT/LOAD (left and right) = Scroll true list SELECT/LOAD push Left = ‘Deck 1’ Mode = Load in Deck A ‘Deck 3’ Mode = Load in Deck C

SELECT/LOAD push Right = ‘Deck 2’ Mode = Load in Deck B ‘Deck 4’ Mode = Load in Deck D

SHIFT+SELECT/LOAD = Scroll true tree (Folders/playlists) SHIFT+SELECT/LOAD push = expand/collapse Folder

SHIFT+Filter knobs = Pan

For some strange reason (believe me, I tried ;-)) I can’t get the CUE LED’s to turn off instantly when a cue point is deleted (SHIFT+CUE PAD). When you delete a cue point, simply push the ‘CUE’ mode button once again and the deleted cue LED’s will be off.

!! IMPORTANT!! When you start your MCX8000 and secondly start Traktor, push the ‘Deck 2’ mode (next to jog wheel) once. This is needed to set a certain modifier in the mapping to its right value.

The mapping also lets you toggle between 2 Deck and 4 Deck view. From the moment you push the ‘Deck 2’ or ‘Deck 4’ mode (next to jog), the layout changes from 2 deck to 4 deck layout. To go back to 2 Deck layout use SHIFT+LEFT JOG turn.

Because each Traktor user has he’s personal layout (see Settings/Layout Manager), you’ll have to adjust 4 commands in the Controller Manager of the Traktor settings. The commands are ‘Layout Selector’ in the commands list, so you can toggle between 2 and 4 decks, using your own layout settings. In my case (and in that way they are in the midi mapping) the values are set to: (see Comment) Deck Layer 3 button: Value = AB FULL + CD MINI (INT MIX) (*) Deck Layer 4 button: Value = AB FULL + CD MINI (INT MIX) (*) (2x) Shift + jog 1 turn: Value = AB FULL (INT MIX) (#)

In the Value drop-down menu, just select your layout for AB+CD (4 decks) (*) and your layout for AB (2 decks) (#).

If you don’t have separate layouts for 2 and 4 deck mode, just create them first (in Settings/Layout Manager) and then assign them in the commands as described above.

Mail me at kristofstandaert (at) hotmail (dot) com if you’re interested in the mapping

Greetz Kristof

Hello to all I saw that on the denon site in the section concerning the mcx7000 there is the mapping for traktor can you tell me if it works for the mcx 8000 thanks to everyone