MCX8000 Stutters

I bought an MCX back in Feb 2018. All was fine until December and the first Xmas arty when the music stuttered for a split second. After a few times sound went all distorted. Was fine after a reboot of laptop and controller. Bench tested at home with different laptops, cables etc and updated the firmware but same thing kept happening. It went back to Denon who could not find fault but replaced memory modules. It has not had much use this year as use the reliable MC6000. I have used the 8000 a few times recently and then the same problem has reappeared. I also notice that the left waveform display is blank but song plays and then at some point the display will catch up. Fault happens in standalone also and I notice that the left deck when the pause button is pressed does not stop immediately but plays on for a couple of seconds very slowly. I have been in touch with supplier who says it only has 1 year warranty. Not impressed after spending all that money. Any advice or ideas as to what could be wrong and how to proceed. Thanks in advance

As far as I know, your supplier should have offered a 3 years warranty for MCX8000. One courious thing is that some authorised Denon DJ dealers don’t have the MCX8000 in stock anymore. It’s like they know something we don’t and I am referring to the possibility that MCX8000 coud be discontinued. I hope I am wrong about this.

It’s one year in the UK which is pretty poor. But all manufacturers are generally the same.

After that it’s up to you to argue with the retailer in regard to the sale of goods act unfortunately.

The thing that worries me is that the MCX8000 doesn’t seem to have great reliability. I have had several components replaced in my one already and its just over 2 years old. Conversely I have a DJM-500 mixer bought in 1999 which still works perfectly.

It’s the effect of consumerism and bad quality control policies, lack of respect for the customers and no manufacturers pride for the product. All these things translate into one word - board of directors greed. Although my statement above may be considered offensive by some, it is only a critic and reflects a personal opinion expressed based on the freedom of thought and freedom of speech. No matter how much respect I have for Denon brand, I can’t be ignorant to some things that have the potential to tarnish Denon DJ image. Denon DJ have a great history and heritage behind it, but it is a shame that all the effort put into innovation of great product to be eclipsed by reliability and functionality issues that needs to be addressed in a professional and responsible manner by the people put in charge to oversee every product released on the market. Yes it cost money to develop and test the functionality of every component, but it’s how good things are done and that’s how you earn the trust of the people who use your equipments. The MCX8000 users must use a compromise solution in order to use it. Initially, you had the Engine software developed especially for MCX8000 and it was decided to stop the development of this software in favour of Engine Prime integration which is a software not designed especially for this equipment, but who must convert the database into a language that MCX8000 understands. Then we have all the Prime series products with problems of their own, described in many posts on this forum by many users. One cannot ask the question: why? Why do we have to have issues with equipment supposed to be used in a professional environment and designed by a company that is more than capable of delivering high-quality equipment? Maybe some people who buy the equipment choose to stay silent and hope for the best (praying not to happen to them). Maybe some people choose to simply resell the equipment to others and avoid all the aggravations. I personally, choose to express my feelings and my opinions freely and the intension is not to offend someone but to raise awareness. The motive is simple: care. Care for Denon DJ image and for the people who work hard to innovate and bring us equipments that allow us to express ourselves and put smiles on dancer’s faces and joy into our hearts.

Hello @morphy, sorry to hear about your issues with your MCX8000. Please contact our Technical Support team via Denon DJ Support Form so that we may provide you with proper support for your controller.

It would be nice to get some feedback directly from Denon. Not please contact our service department. Support on the forum please. It doesn’t look good that nobody is commenting on these issues as if they know but will not talk about the issues or resolve them. Its a $2000 piece of kit in Canada and I have had mine for 2 months and encountered an issue last night during a gig. Really not cool! I had to re install the firmware this morning, luckily I was able to fix the issue because tonight I have another party. The problem was DISPLAY MCU MISSING & DISPLAY ASSETS MISSING.

That’s 3 words more than 1 word. That’s being greedy that is.

It’s so easy to blindly attach every gripe to a single thing. But usually multiple factors are in play

I was on Facebook on a DJ group and I chatted with someone who has not encountered any problems since has owned his MCX8000. Its nice to hear that some people have no issues at all with the controllers. I guess that leaves me with hope that my new controller will work with no flaws.

I have been in touch with the supplier and now dealing with them

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You could try increasing the latency number in the dj software settings to see if the stutters go away. If they go, you know it’s a laptop latency issue.

Trying testing the latency with a setting of like 100ms or 128ms - see if the stutter goes away

I know this is an old thread and I’m new to the Denon forum but I just wanted to say I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments Canaris. I’ve just bought a second hand MCX8000 and to have to say there is something weird with the output sound quality , almost as if it starts to degrade after being on for an hour or so. Now for a piece of equipment that has only had light bedroom use( and you can tell that it has) to be breaking down like this when my Pioneer ddj T1 has and continues to work flawlessly is very poor and to say I’m disappointed is an understatement. This is my first foray into using Denon equipment and it really doesn’t bode well. All of my hi fi equipment is high end and relatively new and it shows this up quite easily. At this point, particularly after reading about all the issues with these, I’m considering sending it back as faulty. The seller says he’s never had a problem with it which I find very hard to believe under the circumstances. The controller looks in mint, as new, condition so its definitely not been gigged but definitely an issues with the output sound quality. I’d be interested to hear what Denon have to say about this and whether anyone else has experienced this kind of fault. Without any kind of warranty and a ton of bad publicity this could well be the last time I buy a denon product.

the distortion after an hour … is that happening when you’re using the mcx with a usb stick or with a laptop - it won’t be happening with both

Hi @cafedelmike - Welcome to the community!

We’ll be happy to assist with your inquiry but a bit more info is needed. When possible, please help to answer the following:

What firmware version is installed on the device?

Does the behavior happen in standalone or controller mode?

If controller mode, what software And version are you using?

If controller mode, what are your computer specs and OS version?

I may have some follow up questions but I would like to better understand your configuration first.


Latest firmware installed. Sound quality issues in both modes. Screens freezing and phantom VU meter readings in controller mode only. pc is windows 10 pro, 4th Gen i7, 32gb ram, samsung 240 evo ssd, GFX card-nvidia geforce 750Ti software is serato latest version. To be perfectly honest with you I’m returning the controller as faulty and unusable. The seller has accepted the return without fuss so I’d be a fool not to. I’m very disappointed with what has transpired and the amount of negative public opinion of Denons’ prime and engine prime should be of grave concern to your company. If you want to shift peoples opinion and regain some sort of trust in the UK you should be offering a 3 year warranty as standard on all your equipment for peace of mind. Given the extent of negativity a one year warranty just isn’t going to cut it, especially as a lot of the faults have developed after that time period. Of course this is just my opinion and everybody has one but I have spent the last 3 days constantly researching these issues so I’m probably as clued up as anyone right now. I appreciate you taking the time to reply but unless Denon UK change their stance on warranty and roll out updates considerably quicker than they have then I’m afraid this is it for me.

What isn’t totally clear is that the 5 year old mcx 8000 is NOT a Prime. Not inside, not outside and absolutely not priced anywhere near a Prime. That last point, even in solitude, should have laid that fact bare to you. You don’t buy gold for the price of peanuts. The mcx can read the database that engine prime can create, but that’s the only part of the prime persona that the mcx can impersonate.

It’s a shame you’ve had playback problems with that particular mcx but your issues are not representative of mcx and certainly don’t taint the prime series in any way. Sorry you’ve had those difficulties. But don’t let those issues, if you have had them, put you off proper prime models

I never said it was the same thing I was referring to public opinion about denon, prime and more importantly in this case, the mcx8000. I’m not going to get into arguments over an opinion. If I wanted I could buy the prime version but after reading about all the issues, and given the issues personally experienced with the mcx8000 I I can’t bring myself to do it. Clearly your a Denon lover, and theres nothing wrong with that, but reliability is more important than cutting edge technology and I’m afraid this is where Denon fall short. That and ridiculously slow updates are a real stumbling block. You can have your opinion about the mcx but the internet is littered with complaints about it so I’m afraid the many outweigh the few on that point.

As far as I seen the most complains are coming from user not knowing what he is doing. I had over 50 different djs using my Prime setup. No one had a single problem with it. And any complains. Point is - many people misunderstand or misuse the devices and then complain like a crybaby… Some issues are real, but there are far less issues then real complains.

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If you wait to buy the thing that has no complaints online about it then you’ll need to shop for the place offering you the very best price on the:- NOTHING

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Maybe you can find a table top to drum your fingers on… but try searching the reviews of reliable tables first though lol


The MCX8000 was released in July 2016. Not even 4 years let alone 5.

@cafedelmike There are some very stubborn Denon fanboys or whatever they are that will argue all day long. Don’t get caught up in it.

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Thank you Kradcliffe, I almost got sucked in there but ultimately it’s issues with the mcx8000 I wanted to discuss not Sarcastic opinions from Denon fanboys. I’ll bear that in mind next time I tempted to be drawn in.

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