MCX8000 + Serato = clicking

Hi all! I try to use MCX8000 with Serato DJ Pro on my laptop and PC. With laptop when i play even one track i have clicks in headphones and in recorded mix up to 3-4 times per minute. Somethimes i have clear sound in one munute, somethimes i have 4 clicks per one minute. Serato DJ Pro is I try to install latest version and it got even worse. I was back to With i play with PC i have same clicks, but when i play two or more tracks at same time, some tracks out of sync after 30 second or one minute after make a beatmatch. It happen even if i push the sync button. Besides if i record the mix i have noise with the volume level which overrides the music level. Even if music stopped and record is on i have this noise. I see recording light bar in Serato show me some noise level when MCX8000 playing track or when not playing. I try to change the latency in any values and USB ports on every computer but no effect. The laptop is intel core i5 1,6 Ghz with 8 GB RAM and SSD drive, the PC is intel core i3 3,6 Ghz with 16 Gb RAM and SSD drive. Windows 10x64 on both. The CPU load is 5-8% on both. I was try to close any others app. I was write to Serato support and still wait for answer. Please give me any tips for solve this torubles. Serato needs me for play more than two channels. Sorry for my english.

Laptops are the weak link in systems - hence standalones rapid rise over the last few years.

Have you tried tried timing the clicks eg. They happen at 40 second intervals ? Or every 50 seconds etc.

I had something similar happen in a home recording situation and it turned out that the laptop was trying to do something every 45 seconds on the dot. I recall it was trying to find alternative wifi sources or something like that.

Also make sure nothing that isn’t music related is removed from the laptops ports - so, no charging phones, especially not charging iPads, don’t run usb backing lights or usb fans etc if things are switching from charging then off, charging then off etc then that could also make clicks through the mains electricity.

Check also whether the clicks happen at different venues - it could be when you’re at home, the hot water heater is flicking on and off repeatedly, but then no clicks when you’re at a friends house

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Also disable Hi-res display if you have that enabled in serato settings…

I wonder if increasing the latency/audio buffer by one will help.

It could be just on the latency edge causing a mini drop-out.

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Сlicks happen not once in a while, but randomly.

Already do it, no changes. On my laptop the clicks occur less frequently than on a PC.

No difference with any USB port on all of my computers.

thats expected, your laptop has an i5 compared to desktop i3

I believe that the performance of both computers should be more than enough. My laptop is 2019 year model, MCX8000 is 2015…

I agree it should be.

I believe the MCX8000 will demand more from your CPU compared to say another controller without screens e.g. the DDJ SB.

If you use the Pitch and Time plug in or FX that’s another CPU stressor.

Congrats you’ve established that it’s a fault/setting issue at “that” end of the usb cable rather than the MCX8000 end.

You could spend a while working out what makes the laptop better than the desktop PC and upgrade accordingly, or remove background apps and processes etc

Or, if you don’t need karaoke, pop music video playback and you enjoy mixing manually, ditch the laptop/pc software altogether and DJ directly on the mcx8000

I have been doing this since I bought MCX8000 in 2018. But now i need 4 channels, it is possible only with Serato. I’m surprised that this program slows down on a laptop that was released much later than the Serato version which support MCX8000. I know that many people use Serato with MCX8000 and not all of them use it with MacBook. :slight_smile:

Again, this suggests that the mcx8000 is viable for working with serato in terms of the mcx hardware and firmware and that the issue is something mysterious at the computer and laptop end of the chain. Have you tried a latency checker app on both computers? It’ll show what background processes are dragging processor time down or stealing processing power. Every 20 seconds or every 50 second etc. it could be a wifi sniffer, a print server poll, a backup/Time Machine update check, a graphics or gaming snapshot screen grab utility…. Anything

If there’s 1234 different laptops out there, there’s 1234 solutions for this

Hi, all! The solution is… Virtual DJ! I had never tried it before and thought it was not a serious program. In fact, according to my first impressions, this program has much more settings than NI Traktor. This program has a preset setup for MCX8000 and i just plugged it to laptop. The displays is work. Also, the program immediately read my prepared playlists and my hot cues from the Serato library. Anyway i will try to install first version of Serato DJ Pro which support the MCX8000. Maybe it will have enough laptop resources.