MCX8000 Screen says Display Assets & MCU Missing

I have the MCX8000 and the screens have been stuck saying “display assets missing” and “display MCU missing.” I’ve tried every trick I found on forums but nothing works. I’ve even left the USB stick in for hours cuz usually when the screens say that it needs a firmware update. I even sent it to Sweetwater cuz that’s where I got it from. Was working for like a week then it went to the same screen again. It’s on both screens btw. I just need to get in contact with someone and ship this thing out to get fixed. Any help would be appreciated. Thx.

You didn’t specify what exactly did you try and in what way it did not work but assuming you re-flashed the firmware with the forced update method there is nothing else you can do other than send it to an authorized DenonDJ service center


I havnt done anything, a few days ago the screen on the beat affects dropped out-then today the the unit as I tuned it on just started flashing !

it did all this on its own.

can I get a copy of the firmware to try re-flashing it ? denons site has no firmware to down load

It should be under legacy devices. If not I can upload it for you later.