Mcx8000 screen. Freeze and power stuck on

Feeling disappointed my mcx8000 isn’t what it meant to be. Its out of warranty but the faults are clearly a pretty major ones. The most worrying issue screen freeze, Having to restart whole system and be subjected to the crowds, Sack the DJ.

Last week i decided to bite the bullet and called Denon in the hope they would be kind to me and offer a free fix or even some kind of consolation that it wasnt my fault.

Alas they said i would have to pay for an assessment then decide the way to go. I totally understand this unit is now discontinued and there was a certain number of units manufactured with this problem which is well known in the DJ circles.

The cost for shipping and and repair may not be worth it so now I need to decide whether I cut my losses and move on.

I am disappointed Denon didn’t offer to repair it as a good will gesture. Reputation in business talks but im small fry in the big picture.

Products are designed and built with a budget to make the whole product profitable to Denon. Sadly the quality of certain components have been below par.

It dies leave a bitter taste and you have to weigh up what product to go for next.

Stuck on power issue as well.

Im now ready to put a hammer through my consol unit crashed whilst runing serato on my sons mac. updated firm wear then screen stuck on following.

Display mcu missing Display assets missing.

Screen stuck on this dont know what to do next.


I’ve tagged someone for hardware support, as I don’t think we can do very much to help you via the forum.

There are other members that own the MCX8000 of course, so perhaps they can advice as well.

(And I’ve merged your similar topics to one)

Thanks for the advice just sent it for repair and fingers crossed.

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Where is the shipping to ? Just from you in your UK to Denon in UK?

From uk to uk…denon have agreed to repair for free. If its amongst units that were faulty out of warantee.

Well that’s a good deal. Far better to have to pay the postage both ways and get the repairs free , rather than the other way round

Yes In sure they will offer it free …

They extended the warranty to 3 years. You could also argue that.

Nearly lost my mind when DJ_Boothe was spewing this nonsense.

Screen freeze is on all function standalone and with laptop…They confirmed it was s mother board issue…

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