MCX8000 screen/Engine not working


I’ve had my MCX8000 for nearly a year. I’ve had quite a few problems but they have been ocassional, however for the last few weeks, whenever I turn on the unit it freezes at the intro screen (displays Denon DJ MCX8000) and stays there. I cannot access Engine or the menu, neither can I use the screens with Serato. I called the support line and they said to update the firmware but I already have the latest firmware.

If I turn on the unit 9 times out of 10 this issue happens and it is incredibly frustrating when I’m working for the whole night. Has anybody else had a similar issue?

Thanks, Marcus

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Hi Djaup,

I would get the unit sent back under warranty repair, before the warranty runs out.

Know this could be inconvenient, but at least the unit can be repaired free of charge if there is a hardware failure.

Good luck.

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Yeah a warranty repair is your best bet if the issue is there all the time.

I’ve got the 8000 and it works okay. Busy summer for me and I used it extensively and atimes 10 hour day parties.

Good luck

i have exactly the same issue currently with mine, did the op have any luck with yours after sending it back?