MCX8000 - Random actions (start/stop, cue, etc)

My MCX8000 has been randomly setting/engaging cue points, starting/stopping playback, and things of that nature. This is happening both while controlling Serato as well as running in standalone/Engine mode.

Edit: It might be worth noting that this has only happened on one deck. However, since it’s impossible to actually spin a set with this happening, I didn’t play with it long enough to see if it would eventually happen with the other deck as well.

Has anyone had this problem? I’m assuming this is a hardware issue, but I thought I’d check here before sending it somewhere for repair.

Thanks in advance.


After playing with the unit a bit more, it seems that the problem is only on Deck 2. Also, the issue seems to be specifically this:

During playback, the controller will randomly set Cue #4 on Deck 2, and then keep cueing back to Cue #4 at random intervals. As stated in my initial post, this happens both when controlling Serato as well as in standalone/Engine mode.

Since the problem seems to be pretty specific, I’m assuming that this is probably a hardware issue with that deck. However, I thought it was worth posting here for your guys’ input since Denon (and the store I bought it from) are closed at the moment.

Is it always the same deck?

Yeah, it’s always deck 2, but I haven’t played with it long enough to see if deck 1 is affected - it seems to not be, though.

Thanks for the response!


I submitted a support ticket a week ago but haven’t received a reply. I’m assuming this has something to do with the quarantine, but I’m just wondering if anyone else is having issues getting a response from Denon.

Unless your question is about absolutely hardware warranty problems, which would need denon , why not ask here ?

I already did in a different sub-forum. I didn’t want to make multiple posts.

I’ve merged the other topic here.

My advice is to try and contact support by phone. Staff is also active on the forum, but mostly during normal working hours.

I tried that first. This post was a last-ditch effort to get a response. I’ll try calling again, though - thanks for the suggestion.

You might have to wait until Monday now as staff will probably have logged off for the weekend.

If you don’t manage to get through to them on Monday then tag JWiLL in a post on this thread, he’s usually pretty good at getting support issues sorted once tagged :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried calling Denon within their hours of operation (Wednesday at 2:30pm EST) but it sent me directly to a voicemail box, which was full. To recap my previous post, I also submitted a support ticket two weeks ago, with no response.

Has anyone been successful in getting ahold of Denon for support?

@JWiLL can you get someone from support to reach out to @sheateeley?

Hey @Reese - thanks for the loop in!

@sheateeley - Sorry for the troubles! Could you send me a PM with you contact details (name, email, phone) and I’ll have one of my colleagues in support reach out. Thanks!