Mcx8000 poping/crackling noise after a while

Hello I recently purchased a Denon mcx8000, after a few minutes of playing I noticed what sounded to be a poping or crackling noise when using Serato dj pro, especially when there was bass being played. I have changed speakers, and headphones the sound was still happening, I have changed my usb cable 3 times one without an adapter/2 with an adapter furthermore I even changed usb ports. when I play from usb or line there is no poping or crackling noise so from that I realized its the controller and my computer I have made all the current updates, turned off WIFI and Bluetooth even lowered my display quality yet it still occurs, I’ve set latency to max on the controller and through Serato. I’m using a dell xps 15 9510 with 16gb ram, i7-11800H the other controller I used to test was a Roland dj 505. to restate the problem is when playing using Serato after a while a poping/cracking sound begins especially with bass

Check your latency on the PC itself. Dell PCs are notoriusly bad for poor latency due to bad drivers on some of their tools supplied with the machines.

Use a latency checker and also check you have the correct Denon ASIO windows driver installed from the page below. you can increase the value in the control panel on the driver to see if that makes a difference.

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Hello these are some pictures of my settings. For the video at around 4-5 seconds you can hear the poping sound, as far as latency how can I check my PC itself -Thanks for trying to help

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Is this good or bad, how can I lower it

I let it run again and eventually this shows after a while.

Unfortunately Dell machines can be just really bad for latency … some work fine and others don’t.

Try disabling things like the LAN card, Wifi in Control Panel > System and see if any of that helps.

Also reset your Denon control panel as too much ASIO buffer is just as bad as not enough. Set it back to default and see what happens.

Thanks for the help I have accepted my fate, I’m now looking for another laptop.

Also if it has bluetooth… turn it off.

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Hello, I had the same problem, I have two controllers, one mcx8000 and one beringer cmd studio 4, that is, very different equipment, everything happened at some point in the windows 10 update and everything seems to be a driver problem with the usb, the solution was to connect the controllers to the usb 3 ports and they worked perfectly, before that windows update they worked perfectly both in the usb 2 and 3 ports but after that both started with audio loss etc in the usb 2.0 ports even though both they are designed for usb 2.0, I hope this solves your problem, greetings

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