MCX8000 PC mode feature requests (needle drop lock)

Without getting into extended detail on everything else I’d like to say about the MCX8000, I have a feature request that would greatly improve my MCX8000 experience:

Needle drop lock when used as a Serato controller

The jog platters are low-profile and the top of them is very close to the needle drop touch strip. I have found myself very frequently accidentally touching the needle drop strip while turning the edge of the jog platter to adjust a playing song. When used standalone, the firmware accounts for this and keeps the needle drop strip from being functional unless the playing track is paused or one lays their palm on the platter (in vinyl mode) and uses a finger to scroll along the strip.

This behaviour does not carry over when the MCX8000 is in PC mode. The needle drop strip is always active even while the deck is playing. I have been forced to go into Serato setup and disable needle search to prevent accidental jumps in the song. It would be extremely great to have the same behaviour in standalone mode as in controller mode: needle drop/search does not function unless the player is paused or stopped by laying your palm on the platter.

Unfortunately my only solution for this so far has been to disable needle search completely in Serato setup.

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