MCX8000 on IPad iOS with DVS (video)

Hi everyone, This is probably informative for a lot of people - thought it’s nice to share this here - most people don’t know the MCX is ‘class compliant’ and can be used on iOS devices. Yes, the MCX sound card works in this scenario for the app. This is also my latest mix, which I videoed last Saturday and it’s the first time I did a full 1 hour DVS mix. My new studio is almost finished - this is from the temporary ‘studio’. Gear used: MCX8000 / SL1200’s / Serato control vinyl / DJ Player Pro on iPad (iOS). Music style: (progressive) House/Deep/Tech - new material including a promo and 2 great bootlegs… (I hope it’s ok I share this here, I have this in the ‘booth’ forum, but since it’s all about the MCX8000 I thought it would fit here better… Hope U like! Cheers!


the video dont work anymore

Its good to see how youre using the mcx8000 with ios devices. i dont think ios stuff is any good when its trying to pretend to be a mixer or player, as theres nothing to touch or keep your fingers on or around but it ok as a music storage device or fx simulator.

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Yeah, i have to have real knobs, faders etc too, agree