MCX8000 new feature please

Hello it would be possible to add that in one of the track search views we can see both the bpm and the key simultaneously, now you can only switch between views and just see or the bpm, key or track time would be good a 4th option that would allow see bpm and key although the space of the name and author was diminished a little.

sorry my english


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Indeed, it would be nice to have all four coulmns listed at once, and even with scrolling title animation maybe, but given the limited screen size on MCX8000, it would look a bit weird. That’s why I always endorse the preparation and planning principle because one can overcome such hardware or software limitations. Given the size of music libraries these days it would require quite a lot of time for someone to prepare and plan playlists accordingly, but still, I believe that preparation and planning is key.

Usually I do not usually pay much attention to the bpm or the key, always sound and harmonically but when it is a very new topic that I have been able to listen to only once but people request a lot I like to have additional information just in case, almost always I do prescucha and ready but it would be good to have the option even more if the subject is passed to you in a memory because you do not have it yet or it is just something that the person who contracts wants it in the event and the one who pays regards