MCX8000 multiple tracks not compatible

Hey guys, I’m looking at purchasing a second hand mcx8000, and am going to bring a prime 1.5 usb to test the mcx8000, and I’m getting a message saying 9 tracks are not mcx8000 compatible, the other 171 are, is there any way I can see what tracks the issues are with? or do I have to test it on the controller to find out. I have enabled mcx8000 compatability in the prime software.

Cheers for any help!

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From FAQ

What are the supported music file types that can be played in Engine?

  • WAV: 44.1kHz, 16bit/24bit Stereo
  • AIFF: 44.1kHz, 16bit/24bit Stereo
  • MP3: CBR/VBR 44.1kHz, Stereo 32kbps – 320 kbps
  • AAC: CBR/VBR 44.1kHz, Stereo 64kbps – 320 kbps

Yes but in EP.

Mcx8000 compatibility enabled in EP will just add a column in the browser view labeling compatible/incompatible tracks format wise. If you did that, it will still enable you to export incompatible tracks if you are not looking at that column marks.

It’s probably because they are 48k. Takes seconds to convert them in Audacity.