Mcx8000 motorized jog wheels will be a game changer

I wish denon can make jog wheels motorized on mcx8000…

There is £100 extra money for the 5000m above the cost of the ordinary 5000. Plus there’s a hires colour screen removed from the 5000 platter so maybe £75 saved there… so suggests motorising the 5000m cost about £175.

The 8000 has two platters to motorise and no colour display in the platter to make any savings from its removal, so I’d guess a motorised 8000 would cost about £350 more than an ordinary 8000.

That’s an uplift of about 25%-30% on the price of an ordinary 8000 which could limit sales somewhat especially at the -bung it all into one economy moulding for me please- end of the market.

But, I like the idea

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It will need a beefier processor probably like one in the SC5000, more memory as well. That may also shoot up the price.

Perhaps one single screen with overlapping waves.

It will be nice, heavier as well.

Basically like one SC5000M with a mixer.

I think a 2 channel version will be the sweet.

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