MCx8000 MKII feature Request

+1. I would like to see a MK2 model include ……

  1. NON mirrored layout
  2. Direct drive moving platters
  3. Larger touch screens(with built in keyboard display for fast music searches)
  4. Ability to turn off screens
  5. USB 3.1 and/or Thunderbolt ports
  6. CUE button brightness fix
  7. Engine improvements including sampler/beatgrid use in standalone mode & Engine needs to read more than just 44.1
  8. Able to record mixes directly to USB flash drive
  9. Improved Engine support for iPads
  10. 3 band EQ for both mics
  11. Bluetooth/wifi connection capabilities.

My dream for the MKII

  1. More large of 2 inchs for bigger platters size
  2. Xfader curve change on the top
  3. Sampler with ENGINE on the 8 pads ( 8 x 10s)
  4. Only one led for the CUE button
  5. 3 5" touch screens with multi performance views
  6. ENGINE on 4 decks
  7. 4 USB 3.1 ports
  8. 2 HUB USB 2
  9. 2 USB port like MC7000
  10. Sort button
  11. IN and OUT loop button
  12. Multi color LED on platter to see cue point and loop
  13. Illuminated Needle Drop
  14. Quantize button for SERATO and ENGINE
  15. The switch to select Xfader assignment under the chanel fader
  16. Rotary encoder for pitch key select like MC7000
  17. Possibility to select effects on a library for ENGINE 18; Select channel fader curves on ENGINE


All of the above recommended features are great. I would recommend the following extensions/improovements:

  • 100% Prime compatible
  • a third screen above the mixer-section
  • ability for easy setting of filters for better matching of songs (according to speed, key and maybe some kind of element-matching)
  • out-of-the-box MIDI support for various DJing, mixing and looping tools (like Ableton live, Traktor and PCDJ)

For this version a price around 3000 Euros should be fair. It should be the answer of Denon to the Pioneer DDJ-RZX.

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i’m still wondering if i should purchase the unit or not. i’ve been reading tons of reviews and hopefully waiting for mkII (if it’s going to be one) to fix and improve.

  • 4 ch engine prime (no laptop for real full use of the hardware)
  • 7" touch screens (with qwerty search option)

that’s it for me… no brainer!!! 2/3 thousand pricetag no problem, i’ll buy it!!

so far is half product without a laptop.

i love denon equipment, been playing on dn1800f 15 yrs ago, love the quality (build and sound) would love to go back to denon as mobile dj but still waiting for the “real” denon controller to use without a laptop. i would by the new sc’s, but as a mobile dj i know i would hate myself every gig.

peace and nice gigs to everyone

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I just purchased the MCX 8000 as an upgrade to the Pioneer DDJ-SX. I was really hesitant because of all the negative comments about the stand-alone mode. I set up an engine library with 5000 songs on a memory stick and it works beautifully. I just completed a 4 hour set in the heat with no issues (at least not caused by the controller).

I still fumble around with the location of the SHIFT key on the left deck when I try to delete CUEs fast. The touch strip also seems quite sensitive and moved me to the end of a few songs but that may have been user error.

I love the MCX 8000 and should have upgraded a lot sooner!

I think that everybody is happy with a good and quick search function !

Now we can only scroll and search for a song by a knob. If you have a lot off songs with a specific letter, it takes too much time.